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Day 1193: Great new things are here!

During a great new yesterday, I was here:

I thought that would make a great new title for a great new post, especially since great new obstacles have recently prevented me from sharing great new photos here.

There were other great new things that were here, yesterday, including

  • a therapy group at work,
  • a previously untried ice cream flavor (Brown Butter Hazelnut), and
  • Steve Martin and Martin Short appearing in “An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life.”

Great new photos are here!


Which of those great new things is the greatest, to you?

To me, the greatest new thing yesterday was seeing the great Martin Short and the great Steve Martin, accompanied by my great son, Aaron.

A great new video — of Steve Martin and Martin Short on the David Letterman Show — is here:

I wonder what great new things will be here today?

Great new thanks are here for all who helped me create this post and for you — of course! — for being great and here.

I just discovered this great old thing, new to me, with David Letterman and Martin Short:

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Day 1192: Today’s problem

For the last one thousand, one hundred, and ninety-one days, I’ve written one blog post every day.

Writing each post has not been a problem for me.  Indeed, every blog post has helped me face a problem, express it,  and move on.

What problem do I wish to face, express, and move on from, today?

Here are some problem choices:

  1. I left my phone at the office, again.
  2. There is snow and ice all around, on April 6.
  3. I’m on the anti-coagulant medicine Xarelto, which makes it dangerous if I slip and fall.
  4. The dental device I’m wearing to relieve my mild sleep apnea is problematically uncomfortable.
  5. I have to travel out to the Mayo Clinic in Minneapolis in May to meet with some new doctors who might recommend major heart surgery.
  6. My heart is so unusual and weird that any operation has a  considerably higher risk.
  7. Our 11-year-old cat Oscar has been exhibiting some problem behaviors.
  8. Our other cat, Harley, continues to see me as a scary problem, even though I’m always kind and gentle with him.
  9. My only child, Aaron, is going very far away in the fall, to the University of Edinburgh.
  10. Both I and my laptop are having memory problems (which probably just have to do with age).

Hmmm.  No matter what problem I choose, writing that list of problems is already helping me feel better. I’m seeing each one as much less of a problem.



That’s why.

Also, no matter what the problem is, comedy and humor always help. Tonight, I’ll be seeing Steve Martin and Martin Short  with my son Aaron, which should be no problem.

It’s also no problem for me to share some new photos with you:

Ooops!  I thought sharing those  new photos showing Oscar the cat (and his problems) would be no problem. However, I cannot share any new photos in this post because

  1. My Mac storage is full again (even though I thought I had re-solved that problem last night) and
  2. I left my phone at work.

Instead, here are videos of Martin Short and Steve Martin, dealing with some problems:


Because I know it’s a problem for people who receive these posts via email to see any videos I include, the links are here and here.

Any problems with today’s post? If you share them, you’ll halve them.

It’s no problem for me to thank Martin Short, Steve Martin, Conan O’Brien, and everybody else who helped me write today’s post. It’s also no problem for me to thank you — of course! — no matter what your problem is, here and now.

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