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Day 873: Just Deserts

I just looked up “just deserts,” because I believe we all deserve a good definition today.

According to wiktionary, “just deserts” means:

A punishment or reward that is considered to be what the recipient deserved.

Wiktionary also believes we deserve to know this:

Usage notes

  • Deserts here is the plural of desert, meaning “that which one deserves.” “Desert” is now archaic and rarely used outside this phrase.
  • The spelling just desserts is non-standard. It is sometimes used as a pun in, for example, restaurant names.


  • payback, poetic justice, comeuppance

Now that you’ve read through that definition, how about the just deserts of some of my photography from yesterday?



At this point in my day yesterday,  I realized that just deserts, for me, included some delicious ice cream.

Your just deserts include knowing that Boston Massachusetts USA is  just desert-ly famous for offering delicious ice cream  all year round (despite the harsh winters,  which are NOT just deserts for its many residents).

However, I did not get my just deserts in Boston yesterday, because — no matter where I looked — delicious ice cream was just not to be found.

While searching for my just deserts — and  encountering  a veritable desert of ice cream — I saw all this:






… but no ice cream, which I found particularly ridiculous, because I was mostly searching on

… and wasn’t Louis Pasteur somebody who helped us all get our just deserts of ice cream?

I believe that, as human beings, our just deserts include help from others, especially  when we’re trying to get our needs met. Therefore, I asked Robert

… from

… why I was having so much trouble getting my just deserts of ice cream, especially in an area with so many hospitals, where people justly deserved that kind of comfort. Robert  told me the only place to get ice cream nearby was

I then replied, justly (I believe), that our just deserts included better ice cream than that. When Robert agreed with me, I suggested he open up an ice cream place and get his just deserts of lots of money, but Robert thinks he won’t get his just deserts that way.  Here’s Robert

offering me the just desert of some ice cream he would keep frozen at Beantown Burrito just for me.

I don’t think I deserve that!

Here are more just deserts I deserved to see yesterday, after my work day was done:


While I didn’t get my just desert of ice cream after lunch yesterday, I DID get that just desert after dinner, last night.

Which of those just deserts do you think I — or you — might deserve?

What music do you think would be a just desert for this post?

This was a musical just desert for me, yesterday, as I was snapping some of the photos for this Just Deserts post:

The first three words of “Mammal” by They Might Be Giants are

Glass of milk.

Is that not a just desert?

Just deserts to Louis Pasteur, Robert, the Longwood Medical and Fenway Park areas of Boston, Rancatore’s Ice Cream, They Might Be Giants, Katie Cunningham for the “Mammal” video, and everybody else whose just deserts include gratitude from me, including you!

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Day 631: The Dark

Why am I writing about The Dark today, for the first time?

I’ve dealt with several dark issues here over the last twenty-one months (yes, I counted), including:

  • depression,
  • anxiety,
  • childhood illness,
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,
  • suicide,
  • and many more.

So why this title, today?

Is it because Mambo has moved in, next door?

IMG_9280 IMG_9281 IMG_9282 IMG_9283  IMG_9285 IMG_9284 IMG_9286 IMG_9287 IMG_9288

I don’t think that’s the answer. Mambo moved in a couple weeks ago.

Is it because it’s the beginning of autumn (also called “fall” in these parts) and it’s going to get dark, earlier and earlier?


Is it because I took this photo, two nights ago?


Maybe.  I took that photo in the middle of the night, hoping to capture a shadow on the wall that looked like a giant menacing bat, after I had managed to wake myself up out of a nightmare.

I knew that if I had the flash on while I took that photo, the shadow would go away. But, as you can see, the image came out completely dark, with no shades of gray.

Why was I trying to capture that big, bat-like shadow?  I’m not sure. I suppose I wanted to contain it and –perhaps — to share it with others, as a way of reducing its power.

I WAS able to capture something else that same night, immediately before I took that very dark photo:


A cat, not a bat.

Which reminds me of a song I’ve been meaning to share with you lately:

(“Mammal” by They Might Be Giants, illustrated by thehoosieret, found here on YouTube)

After I took that picture of The Dark, the night before last, I saw some other mammals, in the light.


IMG_9515 IMG_9517 IMG_9518 IMG_9516 IMG_9520 IMG_9522IMG_9523


Thanks to Mambo, to They Might Be Giants, to thehoosieret, to John Lennon, and to all the other mammals that contributed to and who are reading — of course! — this post.

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