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Day 868: Tragedies

Two nights ago, my son Aaron and I attended a local production of Shakespeare’s tragedy Richard III:

Aaron’s cousin Victoria did a great job acting in that tragedy, as did the young man playing Richard III.

Every tragedy is relative, isn’t it? Do you think the mistake Aaron and I noticed on the tickets is a tragedy?

The people who installed new insulation at our home in March have made several mistakes, including cutting into our TV cable, and destroying some of our shingles.

Is that a tragedy? Or just a hassle?

Some people in my high school class will not be able to attend our 45th reunion, which I am helping to plan. Is that a tragedy, that I won’t get to see them in September at this beautiful location?

Yesterday, I wrote about some difficult times and criticisms I’ve experienced.  I’ll tell you what greatly reduced the tragedy of those memories, for me: people’s responses here on WordPress, plus words from my cousin Lani (from an email she sent me):

 As you advise, deal with the positive, great things in your life and the hell with insensitive people and difficult situations.

It would be a great tragedy for me if I did not have the support of my readers and my wonderful cousin Lani.

This morning, I am going in to Tufts Medical Center to see Dr. Mark Estes, in order to prevent potential tragedies (like infection) from the recent pacemaker/defibrillator implantation surgery I had. As I wrote to Dr. Estes earlier this morning:

Better safe than sorry.

I don’t want to be tragically late for that early appointment, but I can show you some photos from yesterday, when I

  • relaxed at my home,
  • went for a walk with my long-time friend Barbara,
  • met — over lunch — with my colleague and friend Maxine,  to help prevent  any possible tragedies when we both present workshops at a group therapy conference in June,
  • drove my son to the last performance of Richard III,
  • went food shopping with my boyfriend Michael, and
  • watched the finale of Mad Men, with Aaron and Michael.

What tragedies, if any, do you see in these images?


Please consider it a compliment that I did my best to make this post coherent, this morning.

Before I go help my son get to school on time this Monday morning (which he very well may consider a tragedy), I need to decide what music to include in this Tragedy post.

How about this, which I heard yesterday?

That’s not so tragic, is it?

It would be a tragedy, to me, if I did not express gratitude to Aaron, Victoria, Brennan Miller (who played Richard III), Shakespeare, Matt Lundeen and the Arlington Children’s Theater, my wonderful WordPress readers, my cousin Lani, Barbara, Maxine, Michael, my high school class, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Mad Men, Dr. Estes, and everybody else who has made my life less of a tragedy, in so many ways.

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