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Day 2050: WOW

  • WOW! We just arrived in Iceland via WOW airlines.
  • Do you see any WOW moments here?
  • WOW! There’s a Dunkin’ Donuts in the Iceland Airport. That reminds me of my WOW hometown of Boston.
  • I was WOWed by my conversation with my LYFT driver to Boston’s Logan Airport, Johnny.
  • We are now on our way to be WOWed by the beautiful Blue Lagoon.
  • WOW! I’m successfully publishing my first blog post from Iceland.
  • WOW thanks to all who helped me create today’s WOW post and to my readers, who continue to WOW me!
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    Day 2002: What gives you a lift?

    In times like these,  it’s important to ask the question “What gives you a lift?”

    What gives me a lift includes a visit to Chicago,


    sunshine, being near the water,


    urban parks,




    freedom of the press,



    Edinburgh, Scotland (which I’m visiting again with my son in August), good public transportation,


    Lyft drivers who have candy for their passengers,


    sand sculptures,



    embracing that it’s my time to fly, and most of all, coming home.

    My friend Dave guarantees that watching this will give me a lift:


    It did!  I’m sure your comments will give me a lift, too.

    Gratitude, as always, gives me a lift. Thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.



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