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Day 1003: Not a choice

After all these months of my blogging once a day, it’s not a choice whether I’m going to create a post. It IS a choice what I’m going to write about.

It’s not a choice that I sometimes have trouble realizing what my choices are and then deciding what to choose. It is a choice that I tolerate that discomfort and eventually choose.

“Not a choice” was a lyric I heard yesterday, as I made the choice to listen to “Loving You” from Stephen Sondheim’s musical PassionIt’s not a choice for me — at this point in my life — to love Stephen Sondheim’s musical choices. It was a choice, though, which version of that beautiful song to share with you all, today.

I just made the choice of showing you that version by Donna Murphy, from the original cast of Passion.

I’m also making the choice of including this quote, from the first comment on that video of “Loving You” on YouTube:

Today we celebrate Broadway from the 80’s and a few shows from the 90’s. “Passion” ran for 280 performances, making it the shortest-running musical ever to win the Tony award for Best Musical! There is a fine line between obsession and passion. Obsession connotes the feeling that the person is emotionally and mentally ill. Passion, conversely, is supposedly the healthy emotion which two people reciprocally feel for one another.

What might you choose to say about what David’s Broadway Station chose to write there?

This is what I choose to write, here and now. It’s not a choice for me to be:

  • a little obsessive about making my blog posts — and other things in my life — “good enough” to meet my own standards,
  • passionate about this blog, my work, and the people I love,
  • living in Boston, Massachusetts, despite my feelings about the weather here, because my son is a senior in high school and I get all my medical care in Boston for some complex health issues, and
  • going to see my Primary Care Physician, Dr. Laura Snydman, today, after a morning at work facilitating a therapy group.

Actually, most of those things ARE a choice. And I’m making the choice, right now, of making that choice point in this post.

It’s not a choice (or is it?)  that I’m going to include some photos here. It is a choice how I present them.

Hmmm.  My Apple devices have been making some unexpected choices, lately, regarding how they choose to share photos between them.  These kinds of unexpected choices  resulted in my blogging from my iPhone for several months earlier this year. I REALLY don’t want to make that choice of typing on that friggin’ phone keyboard any time soon, so let’s see if there’s another choice for me, now, to access yesterday’s photos quickly and easily.

It’s not a choice that I tried to prepare adequately for this last night — those choices are in the past.   Is it a choice how much anxiety, concern, worry, disappointment, or frustration I might feel about this unexpected blogging wrinkle, in the moment?

I’m making the choice to breathe, right now, and let go of any investment in how this post is going to turn out, photographically and otherwise.

I am now choosing to replicate the steps I took, last night, to make photos from yesterday accessible to this blog when I’m on my laptop. Therefore, I am making the choice to save this draft and restart my computer.

Drat! My photos from yesterday are NOT there when I choose “Add Media” and “Upload Files.” I don’t know why WordPress, my iPhone, and/or my laptop are choosing to limit my choices this morning. And I don’t have the choice to figure out that unexpected problem, if I choose to be at work on time this morning.

Actually, one photo from yesterday is available, for unknown reasons, so I shall choose that one:


That’s a photo I took during a therapy group yesterday, when we were all making choices about what topics to discuss.

I am also making the choice to include the first few photos from my choice of available photos, this morning:


IMG_0039 - Version 3 Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 11.12.14 PM img_12721 photo (57)

You have a choice, as always,  to make whatever comment you choose about my post.

Choice thanks to all who helped me create this post this morning and to you — of course! — for making the choice of visiting here, today.

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Day 708: Color and Light

I find this time of the year challenging, because there is less color and less light where I live (in the northeast United States).

During this time of the year, I need to work harder to keep fear, sadness, worry, regret, and other “negative” feelings at bay.

How do I do that? By

Last night, on my walk to my car after work in the cold and the dark, I heard this song from the album Color and Light: Jazz Sketches on Sondheim.

(“Loving You” from Stephen Sondheim‘s Sunday in the Park with George  — a musical about George Seurat who painted with color and light — performed with light and color by Nancy Wilson, Peabo Bryson, Brad Mehldau, Christian McBride, and Brian Blade, and found here on lightly colorful and colorfully light YouTube.)

That parenthetical statement above isn’t exactly light on information.*

Here are some images of color (and black and white) and light (and dark) I was able to capture yesterday:

IMG_3199 IMG_3201  IMG_3205 IMG_3211 IMG_3216 IMG_3224

IMG_3228 IMG_3231 IMG_3235 IMG_3241 IMG_3245


Before I leave for another day of colors, blacks, whites, grays, light, and darkness, I wished to share with you the title tune from Color and Light, performed by Herbie Hancock … but it’s not on YouTube. So, instead, here’s another tune from that album, “They Ask Me Why I Believe in You — from an unproduced 1956 television play I Believe in You as performed on the piano by Mr. Hancock and Stephen Sondheim himself:

which you can find here, on YouTube.

If you click on this link, you’ll see a surprisingly long list of unproduced projects by the very talented and successful Stephen Sondheim.

What does that tell me?  That he’s had some challenging times, too.

Thanks to all the human beings and cats that contributed to the creation of this post and to you — of course! — for all the color and light you perceive and bring, here and now.

* That paragraph is also light on the facts, people. I don’t know what I was thinking!  “Loving You” is from the Sondheim musical Passion, based on one of my favorite films, Passione d’Amore.  The song “Color and Light” is from Sunday in the Park with George. I apologize for the confusing and obscuring colors and lights.

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