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Day 1834: Know yourself

I know myself enough to know that

  • every once in a while I oversleep (like this morning),
  • I can’t be late for work,
  • I want to publish a post every morning,
  • I like to share photos, and
  • I’m proud of my son and his friends (who’ve known themselves and each other for a long time).

Therefore, this is my post today:





I’ve already published a post on being yourself.  I do trust myself.  Like most people I know, I’m working on loving myself.

If I know my readers, I know they’ll be themselves in their comments.

Knowing and purposeful thanks to Aaron, Cameron, Clark, and YOU!

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Day 1682: Imperfections

Yesterday,  in my office, two imperfect human beings discussed imperfections.  We talked about how people look in the mirror and focus  only on imperfections, ignoring the positives that others seem to observe. I suggested the practice of accepting and loving oneself, imperfections and all.

Do you see any imperfections in my photos from yesterday?









Yesterday, I said imperfectly, “Nobody puts Ann in a corner.” I think we’ve established that we can’t say the same about Carl.

Here are some perfect imperfections from YouTube:

Imperfectly perfect thanks to those who helped me create today’s post with all its imperfections.  All of me thanks all of you, here and now.



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