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Day 1775: Optics

Yesterday morning, while I was listening to the news, somebody used the word “optics” to mean

the way in which an event or course of action is perceived by the public.

In other words, “optics” now means the way things look, in addition to the original meaning:

the scientific study of sight and the behavior of light, or the properties of transmission and deflection of other forms of radiation

People sometimes seem more concerned about the way things look, rather than the way things are.  That doesn’t look good  to me.

During the day, I took these pictures with “optics” on my mind:







At the end of the day, I had a long phone conversation with my son Aaron about what people are saying about Louis C.K., a comic artist we have both admired.  The optics for Louis C.K. are so bad, here and now, that he is perceived as done. The optics on my phone, as I FaceTimed last night with Aaron, showed a  tired-looking 19-year-old red-headed comedian and student at the University of Edinburgh, struggling to make sense of all the current stories of show business predators.

For those who look for YouTube optics in this daily blog, here’s what comes up when I search for “Optics song”:

I can’t make sense of that, either.

Any comments you make about all this will look good to me.

Here are some optics that mean “Thanks” to my son, my workplace, and — of course — to you.

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Day 1315: Unbored

Do you get bored?  If so, what unbores you?

Lots of things unbore me, including visits to local book stores, where I saw this yesterday:


Do you see that book “Unbored” on the shelf of the Arlington bookstore The Book Rack?

I took many more photos yesterday, as I was unbored by:

  • Arlington, Massachusetts, USA,
  • my son appearing in the Arlington Children’s Theater’s  production of the musical Anything Goes, and
  • Louis C.K. and three other comics making me, my son, and thousands of other people laugh at the MassMutual Center in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Are you particularly unbored by any of my other photos from yesterday (presented in unbored chronological order)?

































Here are more things I’ve been unbored by in the past 24 hours:

  • learning that my favorite restaurant in Arlington, Massachusetts — The Madrona Tree — has lost its lease because of rent increases,
  • finding my favorite Arlington boutique — The Artful Heart — in a different location because of rent increases by the same landlord,
  • torrential rain storms on our drive to Springfield Massachusetts, causing multiple accidents which turned the 100-minute drive into a 160-minute drive,
  • the saltiest popcorn I’ve ever tasted, when I’m on a low salt diet,
  • ants swarming all over a pizza,
  • my laptop, during an iTunes update, telling me my phone needed to be restored to factory settings (which would mean losing everything stored on my phone),
  • my homepage totally changing because of software I downloaded in an attempt to get my iPhone  unstuck from update mode without losing all my data,
  • recovering my home page, and
  • recovering my iPhone without losing any data.

Here’s another unboring moment from last week:  a representative of my health insurance company told me that my September 21 surgery to mend my heart at the Mayo Clinic would not be covered because of “lack of medical necessity.” This unboring statement turned out to be untrue.

Sometime, I wish I was less unbored.

I hope you are unbored by this song, inspired by one of my unbored photos above:

I hope you are also unbored by my sincere thanks to all those who helped me created this post and to you — of course! — for visiting today.



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Day 1311: Weird

It’s weird.  When I look at the weird photos I took yesterday, I have weirdly little to say about them.

Did I take those weird photos because

  • they looked weird?
  • I felt weird?
  • I think weird?
  • I like weird?

It’s weird that I’m writing about these weird photos without showing them to you. Maybe I’m doing those weird cognitive distortions of mind reading and fortune telling,  thinking you might not find my photos weird, at all.

Weird or not, here are my photos from yesterday, in weirdly non-chronological order.














It’s weird how weirdness is in the weird mind of the weird beholder..  I have this weird feeling that if I ask people to choose the weirdest photo here, I’ll see weirdly different choices.

Is it weird that I’m including a definition of weird at this weird point in this weird post?

1.suggesting something supernatural; uncanny.
“the weird crying of a seal”
synonyms: uncanny, eerie, unnatural, supernatural, unearthly, otherworldly, ghostly, mysterious, strange, abnormal, unusual
noun SCOTTISH archaic
1. a person’s destiny.

1.induce a sense of disbelief or alienation in someone.

It’s weird to me that

  • the definition quotes “the weird crying of a seal,” since that is neither supernatural nor uncanny and
  • the word SCOTTISH is there, since my son is moving to Scotland for University.

What’s weird to you?

I have this weird idea that the comedian Louis C.K. uses the word “weird” a lot.  Here‘s the first weird thing that came up in weird YouTube when I typed “Louis CK weird”:

It’s weird that I watched only the first few seconds of that video before posting it here.

Weirdly, my son and I are driving a weird 90.9 miles on Saturday immediately after his appearance in the weird musical “Anything Goes” to see Louis C.K.

I am weirdly looking forward to that as well as any weird comments I might get on this post.

Wouldn’t it be weird if I didn’t thank all those who helped me create this weird post and you — of course! — for reading it?

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Day 1308: Waiting

What are you waiting for?

Let’s do this post about waiting!

What am I waiting for? All these things:

  1. My son Aaron to finally hear from the University of Edinburgh that they have kept their agreement with him and unconditionally admitted him to their school, since he received a good enough (actually perfect) score on his Math Advanced Placement Exam.
  2. My open heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic.
  3. My downstairs neighbor and we to decide on a mutually advantageous way for her to buy our upstairs unit.
  4. Another Open Mic night at the Kickstand Cafe in Arlington Massachusetts so I can sing in front of an audience.
  5. My son’s appearance in a local production of the musical Anything Goes.
  6. The opportunity to see the amazing American comedian Louis C.K. with my son.
  7. Another trip to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

There’s no waiting for me to share this information:  I expect five of those seven awaited events  to occur within the next two weeks.

If the first thing we’re waiting for does NOT happen soon, that will be the hardest part.


There’s no waiting for me to share that I often think of that Tom Petty song when I’m waiting.

Are you waiting to see the photos I couldn’t wait to take yesterday?

















I’ll be okay, especially if there’s little or no waiting for me to get some comments about this post about waiting.

Thanks to Tom Petty for The Waiting and thanks to you for waiting until the end of this post!


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Day 603: What I missed

Last night, I missed a segment of the Emmy awards on TV. After I turned off the TV to spend some time with my son, Aaron, and my boyfriend, Michael,  a comedian I admire, Louis C.K., won an Emmy for best comedy writing.

images (43)

I found the photo, above, through Google images (which tells me it resides here) and chose it because I think it relates to my post, yesterday.

I found out, after the awards show was over, that Louis C.K., in his acceptance speech, had thanked another comedian I admire, Ron Lynch …


… who has made multiple recent appearances in this here blog ( here, here, here, here, and here).

I was very glad to find out, through Ron’s Facebook Page,  that he had gotten that recognition last night. At the same time, I had this familiar and uncomfortable thought:

I missed out.

I had missed out on the chance to experience, with my son,  Louis C.K. giving credit to Ron.

Last night, as I tried to find out what exactly Louis C.K. had said about Ron, I kept thinking about What Might Have Been. I kept imagining what fun Aaron and I might have had, if we had heard that speech as it was happening.

Those thoughts didn’t feel great, I must say.  And these days, whenever I’m feeling that kind of psychological discomfort, I check out some usual suspects: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy’s line-up of cognitive distortions.

I shall now consult my handy-dandy list of cognitive distortions, to see who the culprits might have been.

Hmmm. It looks like I was experiencing more than one cognitive distortion last night, including:

Negative filtering (also known as “Disqualifying the positive”).
This is when we focus on the negative, and filter out all positive aspects of a situation.

Comparisons. We compare ourselves to others, with ourselves coming out short. For example, “I’m not as smart (or good, competent, good-looking, lovable, etc.) as that other person.”   Or, we compare ourselves to how we think we should be, or how we’ve been before. (Or, in this case, we compare reality to what we think would have been better.)

Shoulds. We have ironclad rules about the behaviors of ourselves and other people.  For example, “I really should exercise. I shouldn’t be so lazy.” (In this case, “I shouldn’t have turned off the TV.”)

Yep.  Those kinds of thoughts didn’t help, at all.

As I’m writing this, I’m still wondering what Louis C.K. said about Ron. There was no video of that missed moment available last night, but I wonder if that’s changed, this morning.

Aha! Here it is, on YouTube:

Wow!  In case you can’t watch that, Louis gave Ron credit for giving him his first shot as a comedian.

My association with that, in the moment, is a kind of cognitive distortion, too, namely …


… because I can now imagine my son making a similar speech in the future (if he pursues comedy as a career).


(this photo first appeared here, last week) 

Minds are funny things, aren’t they?  They wander everywhere: into the future, into the past, into What Might Have Been, etc.

Last night, when I was thinking about  “What I missed,”  I had some trouble sleeping, so I wrote the following, in preparation for today’s blog post:

The reality is that no matter what we’re doing, experiencing, paying attention to, focusing on … we have to be missing something. There’s just too much going on, out there, to take it all in.

Yes, it’s a given that we will miss things, even if we try our best not to.

And I don’t want to miss expressing this:  the things we miss aren’t actually more important than the things we catch (even though they can feel that way).

Does it help to acknowledge important things you’ve missed out on?

I actually don’t know if this is going to help, but I would like to list some things I’ve missed out on, in my life.

Here we go …

  1. A “normal” childhood.
  2. A magna cum laude, which I deserved, from my undergraduate university (a story which I will tell, in some future post).

Hmmm. That’s a pretty short list I just put together, there.

That actually surprises me, because I’m sure there are lots of misses missing from that list. For example,  I didn’t include “a boyfriend during junior high and/or high school” in that list of misses.

Actually, I could even remove #1 from that list because, really … WHO has a normal childhood?  What the hell IS a normal childhood? Coming up with a definition for THAT would be hit-or-miss. And pretty meaningless.

So I’m going to rewrite that list, like so:

Things I’ve Missed

  1. Louis C.K.’s acceptance speech at the 2014 Emmys, which included a shout-out to Ron Lynch and
  2. a Magna Cum Laude, which I deserved, from my undergraduate college.

Actually, now that I think of it … what good would that Magna Cum Laude have done me?  It probably would NOT have changed a thing.  Who cares? It’s not like that’s something I would carry around in my wallet or put on my mantle piece. And even if I did, who would want to see it?

Okay, so now the list is …

Things I’ve Missed

  1. Louis C.K.’s acceptance speech at the 2014 Emmy’s which included a shout-out to Ron Lynch.

And I can probably watch that speech on YouTube, within the next couple of days.

Looks like at least one of my thoughts, last night, was correct.

Anything else I’ve missed, in this post?  Well, if I were paying attention to what I wrote here, the answer might be:

Of course I missed something, but that’s okay.

And I still have time, before I publish this, to include something that feels “missing” to me: a new photo I’ve taken recently. Let’s see if I have anything on my iPhone that applies to today’s topic.

Hmmm. I’m not sure. But here are some new photos I’ve taken since I’ve returned home to Boston, after five fun-filled days at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe:

IMG_8332 IMG_8340  IMG_8345 IMG_8347  IMG_8350 IMG_8351

Does it seem like I’m missing anything?

Thanks to Aaron, Michael, Louis C.K., Ron Lynch, and you — of course! — for everything you missed AND everything you got here, today.

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