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Day 1722: Here, there, and everywhere

Yesterday, I was here, there, and everywhere as I attended an illuminating presentation about large groups, hung around with great people and animals, went for  walks near my new home, went food shopping with my boyfriend Michael, and watched the Emmys.

Here are photos I snapped there and everywhere.










Hey there! You’re awesome for being here, when you could be everywhere.

If you’ve been here before, you know I like to include music from everywhere. There’s this, from YouTube:

When I go here, there, and everywhere, I focus on gratitude.  Thanks to all who help me create these posts and here’s special thanks to you, there and everywhere.





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Day 1036: Cheese

Yesterday, I visited my sister, Ellen, who is allergic to cheese.

Some people think limericks are cheesy.  I hope Ellen isn’t allergic to this:

My sister, allergic to cheese,

Knows that living near water brings ease.

At this stage in her life,

She and Linda, her wife,

Have a condo that’s certain to please,

Next to water that never will freeze.

My limerick for Ellen has an extra line, but I wanted to give it an extra slice of cheese, for love and luck.

Speaking of slices of cheese, Ellen had this on her salad at lunch yesterday:

While that looks like a slice of cheese, it’s not.  Would it be cheesy to ask you to guess what that is?

Personally, guessing games make me smile like I’m saying “cheese.”

Last night, our local supermarket  was giving out free samples of cheese.

While you might think it cheesy to wear a Halloween costume the day after Halloween, I smiled when I saw this princess ….

… who kept going back for more cheese.

As usual, I saw other cheesy items at the supermarket.


Ellen and I are both far from 29, so I didn’t buy that cheesy “cake mate” to celebrate.  By the way, I don’t think it’s cheesy for anyone to attain their heart’s desire (like a place near the ocean) late in life.

After my boyfriend Michael and I completed our cheesy food shopping last night, he made us veggie burgers with cheese (not pictured).

Here are several more slices of cheese for today’s cheese-filled post:

Say “cheese,” please, because studies have shown that smiling increases ease.

Thanks to all who helped me write this cheesy post and an extra slice of thanks to you — of course! — for eating it up.

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