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Day 1249: I love

I love

  • my son,
  • my boyfriend,
  • my sister,
  • my late parents,
  • my extended family,
  • my friends,
  • my ex-in-laws,
  • our cats,
  • group therapy,
  • blogging,
  • laughing,
  • making people laugh,
  • all human feelings,
  • wordplay,
  • singing,
  • dancing,
  • walking,
  • animals,
  • jazz,
  • books,
  • movies,
  • flowers,
  • bright colors,
  • nature,
  • Boston in the spring,
  • home,
  • travel,
  • Edinburgh,
  • the Fringe Festival,
  • Jane Austen,
  • Pat Metheny,
  • Mel Brooks,
  • Gene Kelly,
  • Fred Astaire,
  • Shakespeare,
  • the Beatles,
  • Robert Browning,
  • stand up comedy,
  • musicals,
  • Singin’ in the Rain,
  • The Band Wagon,
  • This is Spinal Tap,
  • Neal Young,
  • Stephen Stills,
  • Kind of Blue,
  • pasta,
  • chocolate,
  • salads,
  • going barefoot,
  • being in the moment,
  • my own heart,
  • other people’s hearts,
  • life,
  • love,
  • those who love others,
  • you,
  • happiness,
  • quality,
  • signs,
  • creativity,
  • openness,
  • starting lists,
  • finishing lists, even if they’re incomplete, and
  • taking photos.













What do you love?

I love choosing music for this blog.

By the way, I also love comments.

Love to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for being here today.

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Day 1243: Today I am exactly where I am supposed to be

When it was exactly 907 days prior to today, I wrote a post titled  Day 336:You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Yesterday, when I saw this …


… I knew it was up to me to write today’s post.

Today I am exactly where I am supposed to be because I am

  • home in Boston, after consulting with Dr. Carole Warnes at the Mayo Clinic about my very unusual heart,
  • getting more used to the idea of heart valve replacement surgery in September back at the Mayo Clinic,
  • with those I love,
  • ready to go back to work, and
  • writing my daily blog post, with my faithful cat Oscar on my lap.

Are these photos from yesterday exactly where they are supposed to be?
















I am exactly sure that my name is misspelled above, but Ann Koplow is still exactly where she is supposed to be.

Are you exactly where you are supposed to be?

Now I am exactly at the end of this post — where I am supposed to thank all those who help  me blog (including you, of course) — so I shall



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Day 1240: Things we don’t know

No matter how wise and experienced we are, there are always things we don’t know.

Here are just some of the things I don’t know as I’m writing this on Tuesday, May 24, 2016:

  1. What my sister and I are going to talk about on the flight to Minnesota today,
  2. How my son’s new one-act play will go  over this coming weekend at his high school,
  3. What the doctors at the Mayo Clinic are going to say about my very unusual heart,
  4. How the restaurants are in Rochester, Minnesota,
  5. What Oscar the cat is going to do during my four-day absence,
  6. The words to any of the songs in the musical Hamilton,
  7. What was said yesterday at work during some special appreciation events, which included cake,
  8. Why anybody would choose or eat a cake that doesn’t include chocolate,
  9. What we’re going to do during 25 hours of down time between my last test at the Mayo clinic tomorrow and a late afternoon meeting with a surgeon on Thursday,
  10. Why our cat Harley acts scared of me unless he’s situated off the floor,
  11. Where we’re going to stay when we return to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August,
  12. Where my son will be living as a student at University of Edinburgh,
  13. What it’s going to be like for me to board a plane in Scotland at the end of August, leaving my only child behind in a different country,
  14. What music I’m going to include in this post, if any,
  15. How my tryout for “The Voice” in June is going to be different from my first one in February,
  16. What you’re really thinking as you’re reading this,
  17. The title of my post tomorrow,
  18. What I’m going to eat on the plane today,
  19. What my sister and I are going to see from the rental car as we drive from Minneapolis to Rochester,
  20. The names of all the players on the 2016 Boston Red Sox,
  21. What I dreamt about last night,
  22. Most of the diagnostic codes people use in American medical institutions,
  23. Why the letter “K” is the abbreviation for strike in baseball,
  24. The origin of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,  and
  25. What pictures I’m going to take in the future.

You don’t know what pictures I took yesterday, but that can be easily remedied, here and now:














What are some things you don’t know, now that you’ve read this blog post?

Here are two songs about how little we know (here and here on YouTube):

How little we know! And yet, I know that blogging daily helps me more than you’ll ever know.

Knowing thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for you-know-what (reading it).

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Day 1239: Favorite words

Do you have any favorite words?

If I look at recent photos from this blog, I’m sure I’ll find some favorite words.







Word to  these words I saw on this greeting card yesterday …


… which inspired the words and pictures in this post.

Any favorite words in the other photos I took yesterday?









Any favorite words in this favorite song by the amazing vocal group Take 6?

I L-O-V-E that.  Did U?

Now, some favorite words to end this wordy post.


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Day 1238: Relax

Relax, dear readers.  It’s time for another relaxing installment of The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally.

In all these years of trying to relax into living non-judgmentally, I’ve written only one other blog post with the word “relax” in the title — Day 552:  It’s time to relax. Not surprisingly, I wrote that one previous relaxing post when the New England weather was  relaxingly beautiful and I was with Barbara, my relaxed and relaxing friend.

What helps you relax?  What makes it difficult to relax?

When I’m focusing on the future rather than relaxing into the here and now, it can be difficult for me to relax. It’s difficult for me to relax, right now, because this week I’m flying 1400 miles to the Mayo Clinic  to consult with a new cardiologist  which, for me, is not the ideal way to relax.

Yesterday, I took this photo when I was trying to relax with my boyfriend Michael:


I’m relaxing, now, remembering Michael’s comment: “That’s easy for a rock to say.”

Relax! I’ve got more rocking photos from yesterday.









It’s easier for me to relax at home, especially when I’m listening to relaxing music.

What music would you choose to relax? YouTube recommends “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and a 15-minute meditation video 

Worried  I’m so relaxed I’d forget to thank all those who helped me create this post and also you for reading it?



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Day 1179: Mind blowing

Why am I writing a post titled “Mind blowing” today?

Is it because I saw this mind-blowing image yesterday?


Is it because my mind is easily blown by what I encounter in the here and now, every day of this precious life?

Is it because some readers seemed to find  yesterday’s heart-centered post mind blowing? Sometimes, my mind is blown by other people’s positive and caring reactions.

What are your associations with the words “mind blowing”?

While thoughts are blowing through your mind about all these questions, here are some other mind-blowing sights from yesterday:










Aren’t all the amazing connections we encounter every day mind blowing?

Mind-blown thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for blowing my mind by visiting this blog, here & now.

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Day 1170: Live in your strength

Yesterday, when I was having a grumpy day, I saw this on a teabag:


What does “Live in your strength” mean to you?  Does the strength of that advice live, for you, with any of my live-in-your-strength guesses?

  • Appreciate what strengths you have.
  • Live in the moment.
  • Take advantage of what life gives you.
  • Find strength wherever you can.
  • Expand your understanding of your own unique gifts throughout your life.
  • Embrace what you’re good at.
  • Share your strengths with others.
  • Let go of judgment about your limits.
  • Challenge yourself, with kindness.

Which of my other photos from yesterday best illustrate “live in your strength,” for you?
















On the strength of my including two photos of the same lively yellow moped, above, I now want to share these strong life memories:

When I was in my early 20s, I went to Bermuda with my friend Peter and rode a moped for the first time. That made me feel so alive, I bought a yellow moped when I returned to Boston, exactly like that lively one I saw yesterday. For years, I lived on that moped, riding it to work and all around town. After my lifestyle changed and I stopped riding it, I  still kept that moped, no matter where I lived. When I moved to where I live now, four years ago, I sold that yellow moped  to one of the lively movers. Ever since then, I’ve missed my yellow moped and I’ve envied the lives of scooter riders that live all around me. However, my  cardiologist strongly advises me to live the remainder of my life off of mopeds and scooters, because of the strong anti-coagulant medication that helps me live a normal life.

Which “live in your strength” music would you choose for this post? I choose the strongest (or, at least, most popular) song from 1975, the first time in my life that I lived on a moped.

I now invite you to live in your strength by expressing any thoughts and feelings in a comment, below.

Live and strong thanks to Peter, to my cardiologist, to Terry S. at work (who owns the “Daily Bitch” calendar), to the Captain and Tennille, and to all those who live in their strength, here and now (including you, of course).

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Day 1162: I’d be lost without ___

Yesterday, as I was lost in an enormous local supermarket, I saw this:


During many lost and found times, I’ve thought I’d be lost without:

  • my parents,
  • my sister,
  • God,
  • my extended family,
  • friends,
  • books,
  • music,
  • my cardiac pacemaker,
  • writing,
  • my cat(s),
  • home,
  • school,
  • love,
  • a significant other,
  • a job,
  • my integrity,
  • financial security,
  • my son,
  • a sense of purpose,
  • a fulfilling career,
  • authenticity,
  • honesty,
  • my doctors,
  • support,
  • the kindness of strangers,
  • sleep,
  • nourishing food,
  • therapists,
  • good health,
  • group work,
  • travel,
  • the past,
  • the future,
  • the present moment,
  • this blog,
  • my readers, and
  • Geographical Positioning Systems.*

I’d be lost without my iPhone to take photos, including these:


I’d be lost without my curiosity and I’m curious if you can guess what might be inside this greeting card:


or this one:


or this one:


If you’d be lost without some music, here‘s Sting singing lyrics that include “I’m lost without you.”

I’m lost without gratitude, so



* I’d be lost without Google to check that “GPS” actually stands for Global Positioning System.

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Day 1154: Come in and ask!

Yesterday, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, I saw this:


No matter where I go, I have many questions,  so I really appreciate an invitation to come in and ask. 

What questions do I want to come in and ask, here and now?

Here’s one:

How can I remember the important lessons of each moment I’ve lived, as I move into the uncertainties of the future?

If you had one question you could come in and ask, what would it be?

Come in and ask about any of the images I captured yesterday. 
































Come in and ask! I may not know all the answers, but who does?

Now, I’ll come in and ask you this: Of all the items pictured above, which one did I purchase in beautiful Portsmouth?

Come in and ask or answer whatever you choose. I’m just glad you’re here. 

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Day 1112: Emergent Complexity

Yesterday, I met my friend Peggy at the deCordova Museum in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

The deCordova — with its amazing sculpture park, gift shop, and creative exhibits — has been a favorite destination for me and my 17-year-old son Aaron for years. The original plan was for Peggy and I to meet at the museum’s gift shop at 11 AM, but when Peggy  called me from her home in Worcester, at 10:20, to tell me she’d be a little late, she wondered  whether we should meet somewhere else instead, because the winter weather  would definitely interfere with our visiting the deCordova’s beloved sculpture park. However,  I just said no to a different meeting place, since I thought the deCordova’s gift shop and the main building would still be a great place to spend time, especially since my main goal was to hang out with her.

Is there any emergent complexity in this post, so far?

In order to judge whether complexity is emerging here, you probably need a definition of “emergent complexity.”  However, all the definitions of that, emerging online, have too much complexity for me.  For example, I found an  article — “Emergent Complexity : The Fourth Law of Thermodynamics?” —  where the very title seems questioning and unsure.

 Here‘s the least complex definition emerging online, in the emergent moment:

An emergent behavior or emergent property can appear when a number of simple entities (agents) operate in an environment, forming more complex behaviors as a collective. If emergence happens over disparate size scales, then the reason is usually a causal relation across different scales.

To help with the emergent complexity in this already complex post, I’ll explain that the term “Emergent Complexity” was used yesterday by  Marty, an incredibly helpful and charming staff person at the deCordova gift shop.

Here’s Marty:


Marty used the term “emergent complexity” when he, Peggy, and I all had different visual associations with this pair of earrings:


… which reminded Marty of jellyfish, Peggy of flowers, and me of flying saucers.

I wonder what emergent complexity in each of our personalities those different associations reveal?

There was SO MUCH fabulous emergent complexity to be discovered yesterday at the deCordova gift shop, thanks to Jane …


… who has been emerging at the deCordova  gift shop as a terrific buyer for many years.

Here’s some emergent, complex photographic proof of Jane’s incredible buying skills:


What do you think of the complexity emerging there, at the deCordova gift shop?

If the emergent complexity of any photo montage here is too complex to read, clearer and larger photos should emerge, if you click on them.

If you need more emergent complexity from yesterday, there’s more!

What best represents “Emergent Complexity” to you?

Before the ending emerges from the complexity of this post, here are more associations, from complex me,  about “Emergent Complexity”:

  • Sometimes, the complexity of thoughts emerging from our minds can interfere with our choosing helpful actions.
  • As I’m preparing for my try-out for “The Voice” next month, I can get tied up in the complexity of my thoughts and feelings about that, which might get in the way of my enjoying the experience.
  • The human mind’s complexities — with tendencies to go into the future with  fear of the unknown and into the past with regret about what cannot be changed — often interfere with the emergent riches of the current moment.

I look forward to the complexity of comments emerging from this post.

Emergently complex thanks to Peggy, Marty, Jane, the deCordova, and every other person, place, and thing contributing to the complexity of today’s post.  Special thanks to you — of course! — for all your complexity, emerging here and now.

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