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Day 2908: Something to celebrate

It’s difficult to find something to celebrate these days. Also, people are used to celebrating in person with loved ones, which spreads the coronavirus and is nothing to celebrate.

So I guess we have to practice finding something to celebrate alone.

Let’s try this: Can you find something to celebrate in today’s images?

Besides celebrating a new USA administration, a new way to see something familiar, and not having to commute to work in a blizzard, I am also celebrating this: Michael will be making potato latkes on the last night of Chanukah and serving them with sour cream AND applesauce.

I am also celebrating Lines for Ladies (featuring Kristin Korb) performing “Something to Celebrate.”

Do you have something to celebrate? Celebrate that in a comment, so we can all celebrate it together with you (without making COVID more widespread).

Now it’s time for me to celebrate all the humans and cats who’ve helped me find something to celebrate on this blog every day for almost eight years, including YOU!

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