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Day 3057: Windows

Yesterday, while I was walking around my neighborhood gazing at windows of people’s homes, the wonderful tune “Windows” by the late, great Chick Corea appeared in my headphones.

While I was listening to “Windows” and looking at windows yesterday, I was thinking about how I did not see any houses — with windows or without — in all my miles and miles of walking in Nashville earlier this week. And this gave me a window into my priorities: for some reason, I need to be around houses with windows. So even though my first Lyft driver in Nashville — who was probably talking to me through a plexiglass window — told me I would never, ever want to leave Nashville, I was actually ready to return on Thursday to the windows of my neighborhood near Boston.

If I do return to Nashville again, it will be to revisit fellow blogger extraordinaire, Chris Waldrop, seen here holding an Elliston Place Soda Shop milkshake in front of a background of windows:

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, what do Chris’s eyes tell you? They tell me he is an open, engaging, bright, caring, sharing, friendly, funny, and all-around fabulous human being.

Now I’d like to give you a window into our conversation on Wednesday: Chris told me he had some discomfort with compliments and I told him that the people who deserve compliments are often uncomfortable with them — which provides an interesting window into human nature.

I hope you like windows as much as I do, because all the photos I took yesterday have windows in them.

That sign on a nearby Post Office window gives you a window into the minds of New Englanders.

Here are some quotes about windows:

I hope you’ll be sharing your thoughts and feelings about this “Windows” post in the comments section, below.

This is my window of opportunity to express thanks to all who help me blog every day, including YOU!

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Day 698: Discover

Since writing yesterday’s post, I’ve discovered ways to let go of fears about

  • my very unusual heart,
  • how long I have on this amazing earth of ours, and
  • public speaking.

I discovered (again!) that people in the blog-o-sphere, the medical-o-sphere, and the world-o-sphere can help me let go of fears. I also discovered my way, yesterday, to submit a proposal to present a workshop at a group therapy conference this summer, about a form of group therapy discovered by me!

Here’s the no-more-than-50-word description I submitted yesterday, for my workshop presentation proposal:

Discover and experience a new group model (currently thriving in a large medical setting) where participants (1) attend when they choose, (2) identify practical strategies for reducing depression, anxiety, and stress, and (3) support and learn from each other and from a facilitator who role-models vulnerability and authenticity.

Surprised to discover the first word (or any other words) of that proposal? I shall now dis-cover for you the reason for the big finish of that description — the title of the group therapy conference this summer:

Getting Real:  Vulnerability and Effective Group Leadership.

Based on past discoveries, I know this: there are no guarantees I shall be presenting a workshop in June 2015. But I’ve discovered it’s good, for me, to try.

After I wrote my day-after-Thanksgiving blog post yesterday morning, I discovered many things, as usual, in the Greater Boston USA neighborhood where I live. There were two tunes I re-discovered yesterday, playing as I walked around, trying to discover a way to pay a real estate tax bill (among other errands):

(I’ve discovered a live version of The Pat Metheny Group‘s “Here to Stay” here on YouTube.)

The other song (with an interesting title) I re-discovered yesterday during my walk, was “Futures” from the Like Minds album with Gary Burton, Pat Metheny, Roy Haynes, and Dave Holland. As I’ve discovered before, there is no guarantee I shall discover a tune I want to share with you, on YouTube. However, in the search for “Futures” on YouTube, I discovered two wonderful things instead:

I leave it to you to discover what music you want to hear (if any) as you discover some images I discovered, yesterday, on my quest to pay my real estate tax bill, on the day after Thanksgiving, in the northeastern sector of the USA. *

IMG_2548 IMG_2551 IMG_2552 IMG_2553 IMG_2554 IMG_2556 IMG_2557 IMG_2559  IMG_2562 IMG_2564  IMG_2565IMG_2569 IMG_2570 IMG_2571 IMG_2573 IMG_2575 IMG_2585 IMG_2576IMG_2586IMG_2590 IMG_2592 IMG_2593 IMG_2595 IMG_2597

What did you discover, here and now?**

Thanks to all the musicians and non-musicians who contributed to my writing this post and to all those who discovered their own ways to read this today (which, I’m sure you will discover, includes you).

*I know I could discover a better way to write this photo introduction (as well as other things here), but I want to discover new things, today!

** Besides the fact that I didn’t pay my real estate tax bill yesterday.

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