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Day 1175: Life’s lifts

Yesterday, I saw this sign


… and I thought it said “Lift.”  Today, I’m not sure if it says “Lift” or Life.”

Does it matter what the sign says?

In my therapy groups, sometimes we decide that what’s out there doesn’t matter.  What does matter is how you see it and what you do with it.

No matter what that sign says to you, I can still ask if you see it (lift and/or life) in any of my other photos today.



Speaking of life’s lifts, as I was lifting those photos into this post,  I  heard that the amazing  Jackie — who always put  a lift into my life (and whose leave-taking obviously affected this previous post)  —  is coming back to work after leaving a year ago.  That definitely gives me a  lively lift, here and now.

What gives your life a lift?

Here’s a post ending I lifted from my life yesterday:



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