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Day 923: Beeeooootiful

Sometimes, I find it beautiful to deliberately misspell the word beautiful, as Lewis Carroll did in the mock turtle’s beau-ootiful song from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, “Beautiful Soup.”

Here’s beeeeootifulll Gene Wilder, as the mock turtle,  singing beau-ootifullly in one of the beeootiful Alice in Wonderland movies.

Yesterday, I spent some beeootiful  time with my beeeooooootiful son Aaron and my beau-ootiful beau Michael in beautiful Brookline, Massachusetts, USA, which has a beeoootiful book store, many beeeooteeful restaurants,  AND a beeoooteefulllll art deco movie theater.

At the beeooooteefull Booksmith, I spotted this beautifully signed poster:

The beeoootifulll author, George Saunders, has byootifully written

Thanks, Booksmith

You are more byootifull

Then this phlower


George Saunders

… which I find beeoootiful, in many ways.

What do you find beeooootiful, in this moment, where you are?

Here are 57 varieties of additional beeeooootiful photos I snapped last night:

WordPress uploaded all of those quickly and  smoothly.  Beautiful !

Are there any of those images you find particularly beeoootiful? It would be so beautiful if you’d let us know why! And if you wish, I’ll let you know, as best I can, why I took that beeooootiful shot.

Which reminds me of an exchange I had with somebody who asked me a question, many beeootiful moons ago, while I was taking lots of photos in his neighborhood:

Unknown neighbor: I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like to ask you this, but why do you take so many pictures around here?

Me: Of course! I’m glad you asked. I write a daily blog and I take pictures of things  I find interesting and beautiful.

Neighbor: That’s okay, then.

Many beeeoootiful thanks to neighbors, Aaron, Michael, beau-ootiful Lewis Carroll, Alices in Wonderlands, Gene Wilder, turtles (mock and otherwise), Brookline Booksmith, George Saunders, the Regal Beagle restaurant (although none of us had the Beau-ootiful Soo-oop), the Coolidge Corner Theater, gangs of Harleys,  The Wolfpack,  and all the other beeeooootiful things I saw yesterday. And special thanks to beeeeeeeooooooooteeefullll you, for visiting today.

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