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Day 1312: Momentum

Let me take a moment to affect the early momentum of this momentous post by defining momentum.

[moh-men-tuh m]

noun, plural momenta [moh-men-tuh], momentums.
1. force or speed of movement; impetus, as of a physical object or course of events:
The car gained momentum going downhill. Her career lost momentum after two unsuccessful films.
2.Also called linear momentum. Mechanics. a quantity expressing the motion of a body or system, equal to the product of the mass of a body and its velocity, and for a system equal to the vector sum of the products of mass and velocity of each particle in the system.
3. Philosophy. moment.

Can be confused
memento, momentum.

How will it affect the momentum of this post if I

  • confess that — like momento and momentum —  I can be confused, too?
  • share that I associate the word “momentum” with political races?
  • state that I am developing momenta in feeling more positive and hopeful about the future?

How will it affect the momentum of this post if I show you this photo from yesterday?


How will my other photos from yesterday affect the momentum?










I’m developing momentum to sing at an Open Mic tomorrow evening. Recording myself singing the song a capella, this morning, is part of that momentum.


How’s your momentum, here and now?

I’ve got the momenta to thank all those who helped me create this post and you — of course! — for reading it.



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Day 1150: Around

Around now, in the morning, is when I write and post my daily blog.

For the past two days, I’ve been around New York’s Time Square, attending a conference around lots of other group therapists.

For around a week I’ve been getting around four hours of sleep a night. Last night I got around two additional hours, which will help me get around better.

Yesterday, I spent around eight hours with a group of people who want to get around barriers to expressing themselves fully through music, drama, and art, especially when they are around judgmental audiences.

Around the half-way point  yesterday, I stood up in the group of around eight people and  sang out with loud, round tones:

I am a singer!

… and received a round of applause.

Around 5:45 PM, I left Times Square to spend the night with a friend from high school, whom I’ve known for around 52 years.  In around two hours, I’ll be attempting to get around by subway back to the group therapy conference, for another round of healing around the same group of therapists/performers I met yesterday. It might be raining around the time I leave, but I have a round umbrella to help me get around.

Here’s around eight photos of round things I noticed around me, yesterday,  as I was getting around:









Around this point in my blog posts, I get around to asking for a round of comments.

Stop by tomorrow for another round of this blog,  which will probably take around five minutes to read.

Of course,  I always get around to a round of thanks to my around 3,000 readers — including you! — for coming around here today.

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Day 1139: Wanted

I wanted to title this post “wanted” after I saw this Wanted Poster at my wanted job, yesterday:


I saw that Wanted Poster yesterday while I was doing something I’ve wanted to do for a while:  sing my three possible audition songs for “The Voice” to people who wanted to hear them.   I asked  those people at work, “Which song might make me most wanted by the judges?”   People who wanted to hear all three songs yesterday wanted to tell me their wanted preferences, as follows:

“Mad World” was wanted by 15 people.

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” was wanted by 5 people.

“Soothe” was wanted by 5 people.

I wanted a clear majority, so I now want to sing “Mad World” for my February 21 audition. (That’s the song WordPresser vanbytheriver has stated that she’s wanted me to sing.) If I’m wanted back, as I’ve wanted, to perform more audition songs for “The Voice,”  I’ll sing all three of those wanted songs.

In case you wanted to see other photos I wanted to take yesterday, here they are:






I wanted to point out that the cat at the PetSmart shelter  was named “Michael,” just like my boyfriend. Michael wanted to take Michael home last night, but he knew that Oscar, Harley, and my wanted son Aaron haven’t wanted a third cat in the house.

I wonder whether this post is what you wanted today.

Before I end, I wanted to thank all who helped me create this “Wanted” post and also you — of course! — for wanting to read it.

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Day 574: I don’t know why

Yesterday, I wrote one of my “Why?” posts.  Today, it’s time to balance that, with “I don’t know why.”

I don’t know why ….

  • I feel blue on a Monday morning, when I love so many things about my work.
  • There’s no sun up in the sky.

      (YouTube video found here)

  • My heel has been hurting all weekend.
  • I still feel nervous about any kind of performance (including singing, acting, stand-up comedy, presentations at work, etc.)
  • I’m not feeing happier, this morning, about some exciting things coming up soon (like my son’s appearance in a musical and a trip to Edinburgh, Scotlland).
  • I love you like I do.

           (YouTube video found here)

   (YouTube video found here)

  • I suddenly can’t cut and paste links to YouTube videos, in WordPress, the way I always could before.
  • Music cheers me up, so very, very much.
  • WordPress suddenly will start underlining and making other formatting decisions for me.
  • Small obstacles can seem so huge, sometimes.
  • Some posts get more comments than others.
  • I took this photo, yesterday.


  • Products from the UK in my local supermarket can seem strange to me.

IMG_7458  IMG_7461

  • The nice guy at the fish counter volunteered to move this weird fish-head-and-lobster-claw display, when he saw me taking a picture of it.

IMG_7464 IMG_7465  IMG_7466

  • My current favorite Skinny Cow dessert (the Chocolate Ganache, WITHOUT MINT) was the only one completely missing from the frozen food section last night (especially since it’s not on sale).


  • I lose track of fruit in the refrigerator.


  • I forget that making one little change can make a difference.  For example, I resolved, last night, that I am not going to refrigerate cherries right after we buy them. And sure enough, I remembered to eat them, last night, for dessert.
  • I sometimes think I have nothing to tell you or show you in a blog post, when I get up in the morning.

I DO know why I need to end this post. It’s time for me to get ready for work.

Thanks to Lena Horne, Talking Heads, Al Green, YouTube, WordPress, the nice guy at the fish counter, Skinny Cow, Star Markets, and anyone else contributing to the creation of today’s post.  And, special thanks to you for visiting my blog today, even if you don’t know why.

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