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Day 952: Red I’s

Red is a color I look good in, by most accounts.

However, I don’t think this is a good look for me:

That red I cannot change. Red-eyed I just needs to wait, patiently, until that red eye fades away.

Red eye is helping Red I make some decisions, though, about what to wear:

Red I wonders if those reds are making my red eye less, or more, obvious.

Red I might not care so much about that red eye, especially since well-read I am on vacation. However, you may have read I am giving an important talk today about the therapy groups red-white-and-blue I have created.

Red I will just have red-eyed faith that other things will be more interesting at my talk than my one red eye.

That one red eye noticed lots of reds and eyes, yesterday:




That redhead — whom red-eyed I photographed yesterday — is my favorite (and only) son Aaron, who is the red apple of his mother’s red eye. Yesterday, after the final red-white-blue-and-green performance of Green Day’s American Idiot, somebody said to me, “Aaron looks exactly like you!” I’m sure that red I blushed even redder with surprised happiness  (making even more of a match with my red eye).

Here’s something else my red eye read among all those reds and eyes I snapped yesterday.   Whole Foods Market in Cambridge seemed not at all red-in-the-face that so many of their green vegetables

… look exactly like green onions.

Red I now needs to use my red eye to prepare for my talk today and also for my and my redhead’s red-eye flight to Scotland, tomorrow.

I wonder if any eyes will focus on my red eye at my talk or during or after that red-eye flight to the Festival Fringe in Edinburgh? Red I will let you know, when ready.

Is red I ready to choose a Red I song for this Red Eye post?

Red I could use “Green Onions,” but I’ve all-red-y done that, in a previous post.  Red I chooses “Favorite Son” from Green Day’s “American Idiot” (which my favorite redhead was singing, pictured above).

Red-eyed I hopes to have read  comments — left here by red, blue, brown, green, or black-eyed you  — before my red eye sees all those Boston psychotherapists attending my talk,  this afternoon.

Red-white-and-brown eyed gratitude  to my green-eyed red-headed son, to all the eyes I saw at Green Day’s American Idiot performance by the Arlington Children’s Theater, to the oh-so-green-and-red Whole Foods Market in Cambridge, and to you — of course! — for casting your eye here, today.

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