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Day 660: Sold Out

Whenever I decide to attend a concert, play, or other ticketed event, these thoughts can occur to me:

If I want to go, probably lots of other people want to go, too. What if it’s SOLD OUT??

Being Sold Out, like that — feeling like I’ve been shut out from something I know I want, that I’m on the outside looking in — can be a really unpleasant experience.

Now, would it seem like I was trying to sell you something, if I point out some cognitive distortions (which can lead to stress, depression, and anxiety) in this post already? I’m noticing

  • Fortune telling
  • Mind reading, and
  • What If’s

… in what I’ve written, so far.

Geesh!  I think I may be trying too hard to sell the whole sold out/selling thing, by connecting “Sold Out” with cognitive distortions.

Does that mean I’ve sold out my blogging integrity? And does this connection even make sense? I mean, what could I possibly be trying to sell you, here?

Perhaps this: A lecture, presentation, or other ticketed event featuring information on

Would you buy a ticket to that?

Personally, I decided to buy a ticket to something else, two days ago. Here’s a recent email exchange between me and Peggy (my traveling companion to Panama, who has appeared in this blog, including here, here, here, and here):

Peggy’s email: … Pat Metheny Unity Group with Chris Potter, Antonio Sanchez, Ben Williams & Giulio Carmassi  …  Let me know. I’ll get tickets.

My email:  Yes!

In case I haven’t sold you  — with blog posts including this, this, this, this, this, and that — on the amazing Pat Metheny (who has never sold out his integrity but who has sold out many venues) … I’ll try that again. Here are two videos of Pat with his Orchestrion (which I’m hoping he’ll have with him, when I see him next month:

I wonder who sold Pat that incredible Orchestrion? I’m not trying to sell you on (1) clicking my links or (2) watching videos I post, but if you do, you’ll find the answer to that question.

When I was in the middle of watching that second Pat Metheny video on YouTube, trying to figure out how to sell my readers on Pat’s Orchestrion belonging in today’s post, I received another email, regarding my presentation this Sunday, October 26 (previously mentioned here, here, here, and here):

First of all, congratulations Ann for flooding us with registrations. We filled the house and have had to put quite a few people on a wait list (8 so far).

Do you realize what this means? I’ve finally sold out!

Let’s see if I have any pictures on my iPhone, from yesterday, for Sold Out.


I wonder if the hospital gift shop has ever sold out of those?

Here’s something I drew on my whiteboard, yesterday, during a therapy group:


Do you think I could sell out, as an artist?


Michael made eggplant parmesan for dinner. If he opened a restaurant, I think he’d be sold out.

I think I’m all sold out of blog ideas (for today).

Many thanks to all who have sold, sold out, or have tried to get into something sold out. Does that include you?  It includes me.

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