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Day 2113: The Future

Decades ago, when I was wondering if I had any future, I had my palm and cards read.  My worst fear — that the reader would grimace, say “Oooops!”  or suggest that I get my affairs in order  — didn’t happen.

Yesterday, when I was wondering about the future of the earth, I  returned to the same tea room I had visited in the 1970s.  Again, my worst fear — that the reader would grimace,  say “Oooops!” or suggest that human beings get their affairs in order — didn’t happen.

While the reader at the tea room  was not doing what I had feared, he did say that I had trouble dealing with the mystery.  When I asked what the mystery was, he explained, “The Future.”

He reminded me of myself when he suggested I let go of worry and try to focus on the positive light of the future. He also kindly gave me a tissue when I shed a few tears describing my fears.  I guess psychics and psychotherapists share some common techniques.

It was a rainy, gloomy morning when I talked to the reader and I didn’t know that all these views were in the future:


“Future Me Hates Me” by The Beths is the first song that shows up on YouTube about “The Future”:

Here’s “The Future” by Leonard Cohen:

… and here’s “Not The Future” by Bad Lip Reading:


I’m predicting that there will be  comments in the future.

There’s gratitude in the future for all who helped me create today’s blog post, which I’ll be publishing in the very near future, and — of course! — for YOU.


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