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Day 1255: Turn Yourself Around

Because I’m a psychotherapist, every time I turn myself around I encounter somebody wanting to turn themselves around, towards health and a better life.

Yesterday, I turned myself around at work and saw this:


Later that day, during a turn-yourself-around therapy group, I turned myself around to describe how our lives turn around and around and around, while we grow and learn. (If you want to turn yourself around to learn more about that, turn yourself to the sixth blog post I turned out here — The Ascending Coil.)

Then, I turned myself around to meet my boyfriend Michael, and we turned ourselves around towards Norfolk, Massachusetts to attend a memorial service for his late mother.

When her five children, nephews, nieces, and grandchildren turned themselves around  to remember and honor her, I turned myself around to take a few photos:






That’s Bobby, my boyfriend Michael’s nephew. When Bobby turned himself around to ask me if I was still blogging, I turned myself around to answer, “Every day.”

Would any of my other photos from yesterday help anybody turn themselves around?






I am now going to turn myself around, towards YouTube, for some turn-yourself-around tunes for today (here and here):



Now I shall turn myself around to thank all those who helped me create this turn-yourself-around post and you — of course!! — for turning yourself around towards here, today.

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