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Day 3509: Throwaways

When I was walking around my neighborhood on trash and recycling Tuesday, I noticed several throwaways:

I took that throwaway shot of my favorite building in the neighborhood because demolition trucks were parked outside, and I’m afraid it’s going to become a throwaway.

Last night, I asked this question on Twitter:


Personally, I would never throw away

  • books,
  • musical instruments,
  • confidential documents (without shredding them first),
  • interesting architecture,
  • my values,
  • people, and
  • cats.

Because I’m trying to throw away a few pounds, I saved part of that latest culinary masterpiece by Michael for today’s lunch.

Here’s a throwaway definition,

… a few more throwaway lines,

… and the song “Throwaway” by SG Lewis and Clairo:


I look forward to your comments on this throwaway post.

Thanks to all who choose to throw away some of their valuable time on this blog, including YOU!

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