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Day 1353: Practice kind listening and kind speaking.

What kind of tea bag would tell you  to practice kind listening and kind speaking?


A kind and practical one.

I try to practice kind listening and kind speaking in my job as a group and individual therapist.  I think kind speaking is the finest kind and so is kind listening, although I wonder if people can tell I’m listening kindly.

Yesterday, I announced at a team meeting at work that this is my last week before my six-week medical leave, and people there listened and spoke kindly, which made me cry.  That reminds me of a post I wrote my first year of blogging, very soon after the Boston Marathon bombing, called Kindness can make me cry, even harder. If you like reading that kind of post, please be kind enough to click on the link in the previous sentence.

During a day of kind listening and kind speaking, I took these kinds of photos:










Because my friend Deb was kind enough to give me a ticket, we both listened to and performed all kinds of amazing tunes at a Hamilton sing-along last night.  Here and here are two kind versions of my favorite kind of song to sing from Hamilton.

Gotta run for more kind listening and kind speaking at work today. If you are kind enough to speak your mind in a comment, I shall practice kind listening.

For all the kind people who helped me create today’s  post and for you and your kindness in visiting my blog today, here’s another kind of photo:



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Day 1272: If I Ruled the World

If I ruled the world,


my creative son would become President of the United States,


there would be dedication at every turn,


people would give forgiveness and accept their own greatness,


all houses would stand against hate, prejudice, violence, and homophobia,


everyone would practice kind listening and kind speaking, and

nobody would be afraid to sing along to songs like “If I Ruled the World” (written by Cyril Ornadel and Leslie Bricusse).

What would the world be like if you ruled the world?

Thanks to all who helped me create this worldly post and to all who are reading it right now, because you rule!

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