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Day 3659: Laughing at mistakes

In a therapy session yesterday, I realized I could be laughing at mistakes, rather than dreading and fearing them.

Because we all make mistakes, laughing at mistakes means unlimited doses of “the best medicine.”

Is there any laughing at mistakes in my images for today?

On National Pass Gas Day (the day after National Bean Day), here’s what I find when I search for “laughing at mistakes” on YouTube:

Who wants to join me in laughing at mistakes?

Thanks to all who helped me write this laughing-at-mistakes post, including YOU!

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Day 3658: Speakers

Speakers are all over the news lately. What speakers can you find in today’s blog post?

This speaker assumes that someone will speak up about National Cuddle Up Day occurring simultaneously with National Bean Day.

Here’s what I find when I search for “speakers” on YouTube.

Thanks to all the speakers that helped me create today’s blog post, including YOU!

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Day 2950: One step closer

Just by starting this blog post, I’m one step closer to publishing it. I’m also one step closer to reaching a milestone: my three thousandth post!

Just by waking up, I’m one step closer to my birthweek vacation, starting in two days.

In therapy, people often talk about being one step closer to their personal goals. Yesterday, somebody said that identifying small and very achievable next steps really helped them move forward, which also brought them one step closer to self esteem.

Every day, we’re one step closer to overcoming this deadly pandemic and, I hope, overcoming social injustice, inhumanity, out-of-control greed, fear, anger, rampant misinformation, and short-sighted and self-centered partisanship. If we don’t take those vital steps forward, I believe we’re one step closer to mass destruction.

I’m one step closer to sharing my latest images but before I do, here’s a great live version of “One Step Closer” by the Doobie Brothers.

With every step we take, our shy cat Harley is one step closer to trusting me.

Are you one step closer to leaving a comment, below?

I’m one step closer to closing this post with gratitude, so thanks to all who take small, achievable steps to be closer to where they want to be, including YOU.

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