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Day 1724: Pre-existing conditions

I have a pre-existing condition of worrying whenever there’s news about health care  changes to laws protecting people with pre-existing conditions.  That’s because I had a pre-existing heart condition immediately after I was born.

Besides the pre-existing conditions of worrying and congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries (cctga) I also have pre-existing conditions of being …

  • a neighbor,
  • a mother,
  • a daughter,
  • a sister,
  • a friend,
  • a girlfriend,
  • a group therapist,
  • a caregiver,
  • a patient, and
  • a photographer.











I also have a pre-existing condition of loving cats, even ones who have the pre-existing condition of peeing where they’re not supposed to.

Whether you have the pre-existing condition of commenting on this blog or you’ll have that pre-existing condition soon, feel free to leave your pre-existing thoughts and feelings  in a comment below.

This song has been pre-existing for a long time:


I also have a pre-existing condition of expressing gratitude to all who help me create my existing blog posts and — of course! —  to you, no matter what pre-existing conditions you have.


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