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Day 2621: Don’t be afraid

Yesterday morning, I had a conversation with a man working at the Starbucks in the New York City hotel where Michael Bloomberg later announced dropping out of the U.S. Presidential race. Here’s the conversation:


Him:  How are you?

Me: Afraid.

Him: Why?

Me: The coronavirus.

Him: Don’t be afraid.  It’s the people who are afraid who are going to get the virus.

Me: Now I’m REALLY afraid.

Him: (laughs)

Me: I do a daily blog. Could I take a photo of you saying, “Don’t be afraid”?

He was not afraid to grant my request.


Last night, walking back from seeing the wonderful musical Dear Evan Hansen with two  dear friends, I noticed this sign:


Don’t be afraid of  these other recent photos from my stay in NYC and don’t be afraid of clicking on any photo to enlarge it.

Don’t be afraid of “You Will Be Found” from Dear Evan Hansen.

Don’t be afraid to leave a comment, below.

Don’t be afraid to express gratitude and to accept it, every day.


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