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Day 3462: Independence

I’m going to show my independence today by creating the blog post I want.

The Daily Bitch seems to have the independence to say whatever she wants, no matter what day it is. I aspire to the same.

In a few hours I’ll be watching our local Independence Day parade, after having the independence to take a very long walk by myself.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “independence.”

What are your thoughts and feelings about this “independence” post?

I’m very grateful for the independence I still have and, of course, for YOU.

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Day 2012: It’s Not Me

“It’s Not Me” says my t-shirt, made by me.

Yesterday, when I was wearing that t-shirt, somebody asked me, “Who is it?” and I didn’t have an answer.

Apparently, it’s not me this morning. My laptop computer is inexplicably dead, dead, dead and I am calm, calm, calm, despite my usual panic about such things.

If it’s not me, who is it? Perhaps it’s somebody who finally realizes that fear and panic solve nothing.

It’s not me in my other photos from yesterday.

It’s now me pointing out that my laptop was working perfectly well last night before we watched the Boston fireworks from our home.

It’s not me who can fix an Apple laptop, so I’ll be consulting some expert today.

It is me who is the expert on my own experience; it’s not me who is the expert on computer technology (even though I used to be a technical writer).

It’s not me who prefers to blog on my phone; it is me who overcomes obstacles to do what’s important to me.

It’s not me who is singing this …

… but it is me who will be performing my second original song at an Open Mic tomorrow night.

It’s not me who said “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life” but it is me who has gratitude, here and now, for all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — for YOU.

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Day 1647: Realize how good you really are

Yesterday, I realized, again, how good my ex-in-laws really are. The really good Julie and Kevin


hosted a really good July 4th party. I realized how good Kevin — who challenged my boyfriend Michael to a future cook-off —  really is at preparing food and also protecting his clothing.

Julie is really good at helping people realize how good they really are . (If you click on that really good link, you’ll be connected to her really good site, the Joy Source.) I’m sure Julie chose this really good sign for her really good home.


Julie and her family also realize how good it really is to have lots of cats.


I would like to realize how good I really am at taking pictures of really good parties.






Later, I realized how  good our new home by the sea really is for viewing the Boston July 4th fireworks.


For a long time, I’ve realized how good the Boston fireworks really are.


If you are very doubtful about how good you really are, please join with me and Julie in realizing it, once and for all.

I realize how good expressing thanks really is, so thanks to Julie, Kevin, their cats, the city of Boston, everybody else who helped me realize this post, and — of course! — to you, for how good you really are.

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Day 1646: Very Doubtful

After all these years of blogging daily, it’s very doubtful I would start a post without a relevant photo.


I’m very doubtful that any of my readers have a fortune-telling Magic 8-Ball as old as mine. My old Magic 8-Ball  responded “Very Doubtful” yesterday when I asked it a question about our upcoming move to a new home.

Big changes like a move can make people very doubtful, because of all the stress involved. Right now, I’m very doubtful about a lot of things.  Are you?

Are you very doubtful about any of my other photos from yesterday?








I’m very doubtful  you can see the excellent piece of halibut on the plate that Michael served last night.

I’m also very doubtful that you noticed the question “What is Fruitcake Anyway?” in one of my other photos above. Most people I know are very doubtful about fruitcake.

While I may be very doubtful about many things these days, I’m not very doubtful that my health today is better than it was a year ago.  On July 4th 2016, I was in a hospital Emergency Room with fevers that turned out to be from pneumonia and heart failure and it was very doubtful  I’d be able to see the Boston fireworks at all. Today, it’s very doubtful I won’t have a view of the fireworks much better than that from a hospital window.

I’m very doubtful  I’ll get lots of comments about this post. Why?  Because it’s a holiday in the U.S. and as I expressed above

 Right now, I’m very doubtful about a lot of things.  Are you?

I’m very doubtful  any other blog writer would quote herself.

It’s very doubtful I would forget to include a very doubtful YouTube video

or my non-doubtful thanks to all, including YOU, my guests.


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Day 1281: Top 10 Reasons Why I Love July 4th

  1. It’s the birthday of  my looooong-time friend Lawry.
  2. It’s the birthday of  my long-time friend and co-worker Megan.
  3. It’s the birthday of my son Aaron’s long-time friend Cameron.
  5. Happy birthday, America!
  6. Toasted marshmallows are more readily available.
  7. A day off from my work at the hospital, which is very important for self-care.
  8. People appearing in public  with accessories more visually spectacular than usual.
  9. I wait all year for THE FIREWORKS!!
  10. The music  (found here and here on YouTube).

Unfortunately, because I’m still running fevers (which I do NOT love), I won’t be able to go to any fireworks in the  Boston area tonight.

Instead, I hereby present my own July 4th visual spectacular.









Do any of those photos say “July 4th” to you?

Happy birthday to Lawry, Megan, and Cameron and a happy July 4th to you!


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Day 185: Airing things out

I think it’s good to air things out — to be direct about feelings and thoughts. To get things out in the open.

That’s a lesson I’ve learned, over and over again.

If we keep things inside, they tend to expand in importance. If we keep things hidden away, they tend to breed shame.

I’ve been re-reading some of my own posts this morning, and, boy, do I see THAT as a recurring theme: Airing Things Out (especially things like stress, anxiety, and worry).

By re-reading this morning, I also see that I’ve really been stressed out this year. Duh. I knew I would be — because of the job I’d taken on, and the other random Acts of Courage I might be called on to perform.

I like the word “Courage.” I think it’s appropriate whenever any of us makes a change, ventures out, or risks rejection, failure, or any set-back.

In other words, whenever we go outside, speak our truth, or interact in any way.

I took these pictures yesterday, at work:




They are airing out the lockers, because of the saw-toothed buggies that had found their way inside. (See here for more about that, in a post about Horror Stories and Non-Horror Stories.)

They got rid of the bugs, without pesticides. They emptied things out, left the doors open, for all to see inside.

(I love metaphors. Can you tell?)

When I walked by the lockers yesterday  I took these pictures, assuming I would use them in a post some day.

If not today, when?

I want to say this, right now: Going into work yesterday, where I saw and took these pictures, was an act of courage. It will be another courageous act, to return there tomorrow.

In addition to naming acts of courage, I think it helps to applaud them. I’ve used applause as a sound effect in posts this year (like here). I’ve also done groups (as a facilitator and a participant) where people have applauded when somebody did something courageous, new, or helpful in any way.

I think applauding helps.  It might seem hokey, or immodest, or awkward.

If so, that’s probably because it’s unfamiliar.

Yesterday, at work, several people spoke about progress they’ve made in reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress. At one point, I said, “I wish I had some confetti, because I feel like throwing some.”

Where I used to work, we did throw confetti, every once in a while, to celebrate acts of courage and progress people had made.


That took some time to clean up, I must say.

More fun to clean up than bugs, though. Wouldn’t you agree?

Thanks for reading. I hope you celebrate something today  (especially your own courage) (open up and look for it; it’s there).

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Day 184: Overwhelmed (naming it)

I’m definitely feeling overwhelmed.

How can I tell?

  1. My self-judgment — and my use of cognitive distortions (such as comparing myself to others, catastrophizing about the future, and mind-reading what other people think) — has increased.
  2. Joy is hiding.
  3. Doubt and shame are in the house.

As usual, it helps to name things.

Why am I feeling overwhelmed?

Some guesses:

  1. I think I’m having a delayed reaction to my son suddenly developing a collapsed lung a few weeks ago. At the time, it was clear what had to be done to deal with things. Now, there’s time to have lots of feelings and thoughts about it.
  2. We are travelling overseas next month. While I love travel, I still get anxious about it.
  3. I’m doing too much at work (but so is everybody else there).
  4. I’m not so great at reaching out for help, although I’m working on it.
  5. Some people I really like at work have left or are leaving.
  6. My cat has been biting me lately, despite the fact that he and I are both charming creatures.
  7. It’s going to be hot and humid on July 4th (tomorrow) in the Northeastern USA. There are some people I love whom I won’t get to see that day.
  8. I’m working the day after July 4th, and I’m expecting to be doing a lot of work, with very few people around.

Geesh. I guess there’s a lot. And, as usual, it helps to name — and number — those things.

Because then I can say to myself, “No wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed.”

Sometimes, I think that’s the main thing I do as a therapist — witness and validate that somebody is dealing with A LOT.

It also helps to recognize next steps. Let’s take #6, above.



Or to paraphrase Henny Youngman, “Take my cat. Please.”

Just kidding (although I don’t like getting bitten in the morning when I’m getting ready for work or writing this blog.) (Actually, I don’t like getting bitten, any time. I’m funny that way.)

I’ve arranged for this charming creature to have a check-up later today and — for the first time — it’s going to be a vet who makes house calls! (Or as I’ve been calling them, house-cat-calls.) That may help resolve the biting issue, and be less stressful for all charming creatures involved.

And I’ll deal with one more item, on the list above, before sending this post out into the blog-o-sphere:

#7. Even though I will miss seeing some people I love tomorrow, I will see other people I love, too. And, most likely, I will figure out a way to see something else I adore.

images (1)


I think that’s likely, don’t you?

Thanks for reading today.

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