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Day 3463: A good cry

These days, it seems like it’s always a good time for a good cry.

When there’s yet another mass shooting of innocents in the USA by a young man with a weapon of destruction, I don’t know if a good cry does any good.

Yesterday, before I asked that question about a good cry on Twitter, I attended my neighborhood July 4th parade in the USA, unaware that a similar event near Chicago was about to be transformed into a scene of cries and carnage.

That’s Francis and Etta, two wonderful children who watched the whole July 4th parade with me. I’m having a good cry right now thinking about all the wonderful children who’ve been traumatized over the years by gun violence.

While I’m having a good cry, I’ll share the rest of the images I captured yesterday with my good readers.

I’m not a workaholic, but I’m glad I can work today as a therapist and witness other people’s good cries.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “a good cry.”


Thanks to all who helped me create a good cry post, including YOU.

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