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Day 268: What’s $ got to do with it?

My friend Carol asked me, the other day, if the topic of money ever comes up, in the various groups I facilitate.

She pointed out how money (in this culture, at least) can be the most taboo and secret topic, of all. And she quoted a saying, about that, which I can’t quite remember.

When I just Googled “Money taboo topic,” these were the top links that came up for me, this morning:

Why is it so hard to talk about money? – Money –

Once Taboo Topic, Money, Now Critical Therapy Issue 

Is Money Still a Taboo Topic for Couples? | Wall St. Cheat Sheet

It’s Time To Break the Money Taboo by Shira Boss –

Dare You Discuss This Taboo Topic? – Netscape What’s New

I will tell you this: I made LOTS of mistakes when I was creating the above paragraph of links.

Maybe that shows that I’m anxious.

Maybe I’m anxious, because:

  1. I need something to eat (see this post, for more about that).
  2. I’m concerned I might be late to work (see this post, for more about that).
  3. My notebook computer is getting low on power (see this post, for more about that).
  4. The topic of money makes me nervous (see this post — and the one I’m currently writing — for more about that).

Actually, the topic of money has been coming up, a lot, in individual therapy sessions at work. A lot.

But not so much — or at least, not so clearly — in groups.

I wonder why that is?

I’m sure I could speculate about that, if I had more time (or a little less anxiety) this morning.

But I don’t.

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to post a photo, of something I have in my office:


Over the years, a lot of people have told me they like that clock.

I do too.

Thanks to Carol, to  Joie de Vivre*, and to all of you for reading today, no matter where you are (about this topic, or elsewhere).


* The store where I bought this clock, many years ago.

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Day 173: The negativity switch

My negativity switch got flipped.

It’s difficult for me to see the positive right now.

My fears, disappointments, “failures,”  and — hardest of all —  existential isolation are in the foreground.

Hope — which puts the Joie in Joie de Vivre — is hiding.

It’s a beautiful day outside, but I don’t want to go out there.

I know there are reasons behind that negativity switch: recent stressful events and disappointments over the last week or so.  I’ve definitely been “fire-fighting” a lot. For example, my son got suddenly ill and needed to hospitalized (he’s all better!!), my big presentation got cancelled, and there have been other challenges, too. Maybe I’m having a hangover from all those emotions coursing through my body:  fear, relief, disappointment, anger, love, etc. etc.

Maybe I just need to get outside.

Maybe I just need some water. Or some friggin’ food.

On Mother’s Day last month, there was a point that I was getting cranky and annoyed. My bf and I were starting to squabble about something. My son turned to my bf and said, “She just needs some food. Get her some food.”

While I fancy myself a complicated and intricate organism, formed by a rich, varied, and sometimes painful past,  exquisitely attuned to the internal and external inputs of life on multiple levels …

I knew he was right. I ate something and felt much better.

I think I’ll go get a spinach breakfast wrap at Starbucks.


Thanks for reading today.

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