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Day 182: So What?

“So What?” means many things to me.

“So What?” Take One.

“So What?” is an amazing tune by Miles Davis, which I’ve loved (and played on the piano) since I was 16 years old.

Your ears and eyes might tell you how “simple” that tune is. Yet, I’ve listened to it countless times. And I expect to keep listening, as long as my ears hold out.

“So What?” Take Two.

“So what?” is something I say to myself when I’m feeling discouraged, down, depressed, disenchanted, and other words that begin with the letter “d”.

As in, “So what if I do (or think, say, write, or feel) this, or anything else? What does it matter, ultimately? What can it really change? Who cares?”

“So What?” Take Three.

“So what?” is something I can say to myself in a freeing, liberating way, to get myself unstuck.

It’s actually one of my favorite ways to challenge cognitive distortions (which are unhelpful and automatic thoughts):

The So What? Technique. Consider that an anxiety-producing possibility (even the worst case scenario) might not be as bad as you fear. For example, “So what if this one person doesn’t like me? Not everybody is going to like me.” or “So what if I lose my cell phone? It’ll be an incredible hassle, but I’ll be able to deal with it.”

See here for a complete list of handy-dandy antidotes to cognitive distortions.

When I wrote that description above, I used the example of losing my cell phone, because I was feeling anxious about losing things. (See here for a post about THAT.) Since then, I’ve lost many things, including my credit card and checkbook (some temporarily, some not), but I haven’t lost my cell phone. Yet.

If I do, I’ll just use that antidote.

It’s a very simple remedy. It’s one that I’ve used many times before. And I expect to keep using it, as long as unhelpful thoughts hold out.

“So What?” Final Take

Here’s something my mother used to say:

“So what? Sew buttons.”

Thanks for reading today. (So what if you did?) (Sew buttons.)

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Day 56: Why I’m loving listening to Kurt Elling these days

Because he’s fearless.

I realized that the other day, when I was walking to work with my beloved earmuffs/headphones on, and this song came up on Spotify:

Kurt Elling sings like no other person I have ever heard. I noticed THAT the first time I heard him sing.

But what I realized, when I was listening to him sing this John Coltrane tune, was that Kurt Elling sings straight-out, holding back nothing at all.


At least that’s the way it sounds to these ears, ensconced in furry, goofy, beloved  earmuff/headphones.

And I want to sing like that, speak like that, be like that.    As much as I possibly can.   In this Year of Living Non-Judgmentally, and beyond.

No matter what that might sound like or look like.

Thanks, dear reader, for witnessing and listening today.

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