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Day 3529: Messages from the universe

Messages from the universe can appear anywhere, including a hospital gift shop.


Messages from the universe can also appear on Twitter.

Do you see any messages from the universe in my other images for today?

Maybe you should hydrate more.
It’s a brand new day.
There is art everywhere.
There’s more than one way to commute to work.
I should really visit the Kennedy Library one of these days.
There are dangers and protections everywhere.
What the hell is happening to the United States? Is it strong enough to endure? And, it sure is windy around here.
Maybe I should stop captioning these images and let you see your own messages from the universe.

Messages from the universe are encouraging me to visit a beach, be aware of my grief for those I loved and lost, and remember all those delicious toasted marshmallows.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “messages from the universe.”

I also find this:

Thanks to all who send and receive messages from the universe, including YOU!

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Day 3445: Wear BLUE Day

Today is Wear BLUE Day.

I will wear blue, because I support the men in my life to lead a healthy lifestyle, and I care about their well-being.

For example, I tell my husband Michael that I wish he would stop vaping, although I recognize that nicotine is very addictive.

Michael, who does all the cleaning and the cooking here, gets blue when he finds the shells of unsalted sunflower seeds (my chosen snack to lead a healthy lifestyle) around the house, so I’ve told him I will give up my beloved sunflower seeds forever if he stops vaping. I hope he takes me up on my offer, because I want Michael to live a long, long time.

Last night, over a delicious and healthy lifestyle dinner that Michael cooked …

… we talked about hiccups. Michael, who gets them when he eats bread, stated his opinion that everybody hates getting hiccups except for me. I thought of something that Michael often says to me: “Hate’s a strong word.” I told Michael that while I don’t love getting the hiccups, I find them a mild annoyance and assumed I was not alone. (I assume everyone is not alone about anything, which might be why I love being a group therapist.)

I realized that because I have so many followers on Twitter I could test my assumption about hiccups by asking this question:

And sure enough, many people hated having the hiccups but several found them only a mild annoyance. Michael laughed when I told him that somebody on Twitter got mad at me for asking what he thought was such a stupid question. (Being on Twitter has helped me get over my fear of people getting mad at me, which is good for my healthy lifestyle.)

I sometimes get blue when I think about how my wonderful late parents never got to meet true-blue Michael. I like to imagine all of us sitting around the dinner table — my father and Michael both being hilarious and my mother and Michael bonding about so many things, including cats and keeping a clean house.

Here are more images I want to share on Wear BLUE Day.


On Wear BLUE Day, I choose to share “12 String Blues” by Jimi Hendrix (who many people wish had lived a much longer life).

Thanks to you for reading this Wear BLUE Day blog and to all the men whose well-being I care about, including this one:

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Day 2523: I give thanks for you

Today, I give thanks for you.

I am also giving thanks for everyone and everything else, including whatever I photographed yesterday.





















I give thanks for Jimi Hendrix and messages to love.

I’ll end this Thanksgiving 2019 post by repeating this message to love: I give thanks for you.

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