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Day 3559: Rough seas

Rough seas are everywhere, it seems.

That “rough seas” sign showed up for the first time yesterday in my neighborhood, which is by the sea. Our seas are blessedly calm this morning, as I read about the rough seas in the rest of the world.

I do believe that rough seas make good sailors, but they also make people sick. I hope we can navigate our way to calming the rough seas before it’s too late.

Do you see rough seas in my other images for today?


Rough seas make the Daily Bitch even bitchier.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “rough seas.”

Thanks to all who navigated their way through rough seas to be here, now.

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Day 2667: Luck and Magic and Every Good Thing That Can Possibly Happen

Yesterday, when I was counting on luck and magic and every good thing that could possibly happen, I saw this at our local supermarket:

These days we all need luck and magic and every good thing that can possibly happen (although it’s sometimes hard to say what those things might be).

Can you see luck and magic and every good thing that can possibly happen in any of my other photos from yesterday?


There was luck and magic in every good thing that Michael happened to cook last night, including those CARROT FRIES.

This comes up when I search YouTube for “Luck and Magic and Every Good Thing That Can Possibly Happen”:


I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend, I’m lucky to have been where I have been, and I’m lucky to have readers like you!



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Day 2038: I give up!

In the last two thousand and thirty-eight days of blogging and living, I have never said, written, or thought, “I give up!” Today, I am saying, writing, and thinking it. Why? Because starting yesterday, every time I use my laptop to try to create a new blog post, contact WordPress support, or do many other essential tasks, all WordPress gives me is this unhelpful, unchanging screen:

That gives me nothing and no way to post or to get help.

I’ve given this a lot of time and many attempts at solving this. My mind is giving me no more ideas and options.

I give up!

But I can NOT give up blogging, no matter how many new obstacles life gives me, because this blog and my readers give me so much.

So how can I keep giving myself and my readers more daily gifts?

My phone does not give me the ability to contact WordPress for help, but it does give me the ability to create a new post.

So I can give you, today, this daily blog and give you my latest photos.

Harley is obscured there, just like solutions to my blogging problem are hidden from me now. Is it curtains for my blog? Or will some solution become clear and emerge?

Is there a recipe of steps that will give me back the ability to blog from my laptop? If not, maybe I can give myself comfort with the delicious food Michael gives me.

Maybe some computer genius, somewhere, will give me some solution to my WordPress problem. If not, I’ll just keep blogging, giving up disappointment and judgment.

This is the kind of look I give the world when I’ve had no sleep the night before. I’m going to give my haircutter, Mia, a look at this photo the next time I see her, so she can give me a similar haircut next time.

Even if nobody can give me the answer on how to blog again on my laptop, my phone will be just that good as my daily blogging machine.

I give my patients the choice of five “Coping and Healing” groups every week. This gives me tremendous satisfaction.

If you were lost in the woods — of WordPress or elsewhere — and it got dark, what would you do? I’ll give you all the time you need to think about that.

Michael keeps giving us amazing meals — that’s the one he gave us last night before we gave my son Aaron a ride to the airport.

I took this photo to give me a clue about how to find my car in the enormous and confusing parking lot at the airport, which always gives me a headache.

After I took that picture, we did not give up when we were told that Aaron needed a printed-out visa to board his flight to India, even though a website had given him the erroneous information that he could board by giving the visa information on his phone. Michael and Aaron gave me his bags to watch while they ran to the Hilton Hotel, which had printers which gave Aaron what he needed.

I give up trying to explain that any better.

Is it time for you to give up some comments below?

First, give it up for Jason Mraz performing “I Won’t Give Up.”

I now give up thanks for all people, animals, and things that help me create this daily blog, despite all the obstacles life gives me.

… “You’re golden!”

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