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Day 2552: We

Over the past seven years, I have written many blog posts with “We” in the title, including:

Do we agree that I’ve written lots of posts about “We”?

Here’s a short poem titled “We.”


by Ann Koplow

“We” is my favorite pronoun.

It’s much better than “I.”

We are taking vows today

Which will last until we die.

Are we ready for my photos from yesterday?







We (Michael and I) love Jane, the realtor who helped us find the home where we are so happy and who sent us a card, flowers,  gingerbread cookies, and cookie-decorating materials yesterday to celebrate our wedding, which is today!

We wish you could all be there to celebrate with us, but we’re told that we can bring only twelve people with us to the civil ceremony.

Here‘s the “We” song I choose for today’s “We” post.

We belong together and I am so grateful for you and for us!

* We** are particularly proud of Day 759: We go on.

** We are comfortable, sometimes, using the royal we.

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Day 1778: Love what is

I love what is on the hallway wall of Jane Hoffmann.


Do you love what is on Jane’s wall?

Shall we love what is in the rest of today’s post?






What might  help us love what is the most difficult day of the week to love? How about this?


I love what is on that card.


Oops!  I love what is a mistake, imperfection, or oversight, especially if I can correct it. I almost forgot to include a song for today.

I love what is in that YouTube video of Matt Corby singing “Monday.”

Love what is your reaction to today’s blog.

I love what is the latest way I’m expressing gratitude to all who help me create these posts and to those who read them — including YOU.


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Day 1776: Now you know

“Now You Know”  from Stephen  Sondheim’Merrily We Roll Along has  been running through my head a lot lately.  Now you know.

If you didn’t know Lucia Spina is a great interpreter of Sondheim tunes, now you know.

Now You Know

by Stephen Sondheim

All right, now you know:
Life is crummy.
Well, now you know.

I mean, big surprise:
People love you and tell you lies.
Bricks can tumble from clear blue skies.
Put your dimple down,
Now you know.

Okay, there you go —
Life is crummy,
Well, now you know.

It’s called flowers wilt,
It’s called apples rot,
It’s called thieves get rich and saints get shot,
It’s called God don’t answer prayers a lot,
Okay, now you know.

Okay, now you know,
Now forget it.
Don’t fall apart at the seams.
It’s called letting go your illusions,
And don’t confuse them with dreams.

If the going’s slow —
Don’t regret it,
And don’t let’s go to extremes.
It’s called what’s your choice?
It’s called count to ten.
It’s called burn your bridges, start again.
You should burn them every now and then
Or you’ll never grow!

Because now you grow.
That’s the killer, is
Now you grow.

You’re right, nothing’s fair,
And it’s all a plot,
And tomorrow doesn’t look too hot —
Right, you better look at what you’ve got:
Over here, hello?
Okay, now you know,

Now you know!

Now you know the lyrics to “Now You Know.”

Yesterday morning, I visited the amazing home of Jane Hoffmann. If you didn’t know that Jane is the wonderful real estate agent who helped us buy our new home, now you know.







Now you know you can put blackboard paint on your walls, like Jane did. I love it.

This blog post is for you Jane, for me, and for all my readers, too.



Now you know.



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Day 1505: The Year of the ______

It’s very early in this ____ year to know what 2017 is going to be the year of.  Nevertheless, this _____ post is going to give it the old _____ try.

2017, according to the Chinese horoscope, is The Year of the Rooster, also know as The Year of the Cock, Chicken, or Bird.



Because we’re looking for a new place to live in 2017, it’s also The Year of the Real Estate Agent.


That’s the hard-working Jane C. Hoffmann, standing in front of a house in Winthrop.  Jane knows I want 2017 to be The Year of the Water View.



I’m not sure if 2017 is going to be The Year of the Condo or The Year of the House or if it’s going to be The Year of The Winthrop, Quincy, Waltham, Watertown, Wakefield, Belmont, Medford, or Arlington.

I do know that 2017 is going to be The Year of the Heart.


I assume it’s going to be The Year of The Home-Cooked Meal.




It’s probably going to be The Year of the Teabag.


It might be The Year of the Mermaid.


If this year is like recent ones, it’s going to be The Year of The Music That Fits In My Blog.



Because we have two cats, 2017 will be The Year of The Cat.

What do you think 2017 will be the year of?

Every year, for me, is The Year of The Thanks, so thanks to all who helped me create this post and thanks to you — of course! — on this new day of The Year of the ______.



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Day 1490: Dreams

Because dreams are so important to me, I’ve written several posts about dreams (including here, here, here, here, here, here,  and here) since I started dreaming this blog. When I look at those previous dreamy posts, I realize I wrote each one never dreaming we’d have the U.S. President we have today.

Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night from a very scary dream where morphing people and frightening creatures were staring me in the face and grasping me by the hand.  I immediately posted on Facebook:

I was having a bad dream and just woke up to another bad dream.

My friend Marc Zegans soon replied with this dream of a comment:

Here‘s something a little sweeter to dream by.

Before I had those dreams, I spent yesterday looking at a possible dream house for me and my dreamy boyfriend Michael with our dream of a real estate agent, Jane C. Hoffmann.



While I was taking photos of Jane, she was also taking photos of me and Michael (which was probably a nightmare for him, since he hates to have his picture taken).

Today, we might make an offer on a dreamy house by the sea in Quincy, Massachusetts. If we don’t end up in that dream house, we’ll end up in another one.

Quincy, by the way,  is called “The City of Presidents.”  I wonder if John Adams,  John Quincy Adams, or John Hancock — who were all born in Quincy —  ever dreamed we’d have the kind of U.S. President we have today.

In four days, I’ll be turning 64 years old, an age nobody ever dreamed I’d reach when I was born in 1953 with a very unusual heart.

I shall now look to all the other dreamy photos I took yesterday for ideas about how to live and dream in the future:



I trust you know I have the intelligence and integrity to express my thanks to all who helped me create this dream of a post and to you — of course! — for your dream of a visit, here and now.

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