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Day 1482: Survival Mode

When I’m in Survival Mode, I’m concentrating on simply making it through an experience, to the exclusion of everything else.

Yesterday, I was in survival mode as I:

  • ¬†went to the funeral of my wonderful father-in-law,
  • declared my intention to survive into my 90s, as he did,
  • hugged many people I love,
  • cried,
  • asked the rhetorical question, “Is this the worst day ever?”
  • told somebody I’d just met that my job was helping people be in the moment,
  • talked about the book Everything Happens for a Reason,
  • shocked somebody I hadn’t seen for years by telling him I recently survived open heart surgery,
  • got an INR blood test at Tufts Medical Center,
  • drove by ¬†several properties with a view of water,
  • ate some delicious food,
  • drank tea,
  • listened to music,

  • said to my boyfriend Michael, “I survived the day! Maybe I’ll give thanks for surviving every day now, for the rest of my life,” and
  • took these pictures:






What do you do when you’re in survival mode?

Survival-mode thanks to all who helped me survive writing this post and to you — of course! — for surviving everything that’s happened to you so far.

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