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Day 903: Would this face lie to you?

Yesterday, I saw this:

I know you can’t see that face nor my face, usually, in this blog.

I still hope you can believe that this face would not lie to you,  when I tell you the following:

  • I am recovering well from heart-related surgery on May 4.
  • My emotional recovery — from the ordeal of living with uncertainty and different medical opinions about my heart for a very long and difficult six months — has been going well too, especially since I finally cried and also expressed anger yesterday.
  • If you don’t believe this face when I tell you that it’s healthy and healing to accept all your feelings — including sadness and anger — please see the new Pixar/Disney movie Inside Out

Would the faces at Pixar or Disney lie to you?

Would any of these faces (which I saw yesterday) lie to you?

Those last two faces are Harley’s and Oscar’s. Those faces never lie, as far as I can tell.

Would this face lie to you, when it says I truly want to know what your face might say about anything in this post?

Would  J.J. Cale lie to you, with the song “Lies”?

Would this face lie to you when expressing gratitude to my boyfriend Michael (whose hand but not face is in this post — no lie), the late  J.J. Cale, Inside Out, all my feelings, Pixar and Disney, elephants, Pet Supply Outlet Store, Baby the Macaw, cats everywhere (including Harley and Oscar), and Children’s Hospital? And I’m not lying when I say special thanks to you, for bringing your face, feelings, and truth here, today.

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