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Day 1735: Alarmed

Are you alarmed about anything today?

Yesterday, I was alarmed when

  • an alarming, rapid five-tone beeping  sounded several times throughout the day in our home and we couldn’t find the source of it,
  • we discovered that our cat Oscar had peed a little in the bathtub, and
  • I found out that somebody I care about very much is getting a lung transplant.

What do you do when you are alarmed?

I take a breath, tell myself “it’s safer than it feels,” and choose a next best step.

Are you alarmed by any of my photos?










When I sent my son Aaron that photo of Michael saying “hi” last night, Aaron wrote back, “Is he alright?”  I think he might have been alarmed.

Aaron was quoting something we say a lot, inspired by Bill Hader playing the alarming Keith Morrison.

Don’t be alarmed, but I just heard those five beeps again. I’m wondering if we could work together to figure out

  1. what those beeps might signify and
  2. what to put in the room where there used to be a piece of furniture that the cats have destroyed.


I won’t be alarmed by any of your comments, no matter how alarmed you are.

Don’t be alarmed by this:  I’m grateful for all who helped me create this post and — of course! — for YOU.


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Day 1726: Different perspectives

Because I’m a group therapist, I often encounter different people expressing  different perspectives. For example, earlier this week I invited people to practice mindfulness by focusing on a vase of flowers in the group room.  After the mindfulness exercise,  we heard these different perspectives:

  • “I love flowers.”
  • “I’m not a flower person.”
  • “Flowers help me relax.”
  • I wondered if those flowers are  fake.”
  • “Flowers remind me of funerals.”
  • “I need to remember to stop and smell the flowers.”

Yesterday, I thought about different perspectives as I was taking this photo:


All the different perspectives in that photo may not be clear, but several people are taking pictures there and each of us has a different perspective on Boston’s Fenway Park.  I wish I could show you all those different perspectives.

Lately, many of the different perspectives I encounter include  expressions of anxiety, depression, stress, uncertainty, worry, concerns for others, and concern for self.  Different people also express and learn different perspectives on how to feel better and take the next right step. Sometimes, I suggest trying on this different perspective:

It’s safer than it feels.

Every person who is reading this post has a different perspective and my perspective is that I would love to know all those  different perspectives.

There are different perspectives about “Different Perspectives” on YouTube, but this is the most popular one:


Thanks to all the different perspectives that help me create different blog posts and thanks to you — of course! — for all your different perspectives.


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