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Day 2862: All damn day

All damn day, for four years, I’ve been waiting for all damn U.S. leaders to stop damning our future.

All damn day feels like a long time when the world seems damned, especially when there’s an extra hour, like today.

All damn day I

  • obsessively check the news,
  • walk around,
  • stress eat,
  • think about people in pain,
  • wonder what my fellow Americans are thinking, and
  • prepare for my next blog post.

All damn day I’ve known what today’s blog title would be.

All damn day I capture images of what I see.

All damn day I look for moments of beauty, synchronicity, hope, and love.

All damn day I’ve been thinking about this beautiful song by Beautiful Chorus I heard during a No Impact Aerobics (NIA) class on Zoom.

All damn day I’ll be looking for inner peace and your comments.

All damn day I look for ways to express my gratitude to all who help me get through all damn days, including YOU!

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Day 1508: A quiet home

Yesterday, I returned to the quiet home of my EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapist George after a long, disquieting absence. George and I talked quietly about how difficult it’s been for me to find a quiet home after the multiple traumas of open heart surgery, my pacemaker getting recalled, complications with the pacemaker replacement surgery, all the noise around the U.S. election, the loudness of my mechanical heart valve at night, and the fear and discomfort I’ve been experiencing internally and externally. During my quiet time with George, I realized I could create a quiet home wherever I am, by focusing on whatever helps quiet my mind and my soul.

Soon after that quieting session, I saw this:


I’d love a quiet home, too.  How about you?

Can you see any quiet homes in my other photos from yesterday?
























While I was looking through windows of hope for quiet homes yesterday, I quietly heard this quiet music from Hamilton:


Thanks to all who helped me create  this quiet home today and to you — of course! — wherever your quiet homes are.

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Day 254: Connections (9/11/2013)

There are at least four things I want to mention in today’s post.

I wonder if there will be connections among them?

The above sentence is also  a thought I have before every therapy group I do, since new people are choosing to come to those groups all the time.

Whenever I wonder about whether connections will exist among the people who come to any therapy group, I answer that question, like this:

There always have been connections, up until now.  Why should today be any different?

I have faith, too, that connections will exist among my blogging words today (even if they are not immediately obvious).

Here are the things I want to tell you, this morning:

1. I woke up feeling a sense of peace and hope.

Nothing has really changed, in my external world, to account for that shift towards peace and hope.  (Often, I wake up feeling uneasy) (although sometimes I don’t.)

When I look out at the landscape of my life this morning, I see, as usual, the light and the dark.  The hopes and the fears. Things I love and things I dislike (yes, I dislike some things, even in My Year of Living Non-Judgmentally).

So the external world has not changed significantly, to account for that shift. But something has changed internally, inside my head, heart, and soul.

This morning, I see options — ways to move forward towards some of my life goals (including my work, my medical treatment, and creating a “good enough” will).

As I have seen, so many times, in my clients and in myself, it makes a HUGE difference to see options. To have a sense of personal empowerment. Of choice.

2. After I woke up, I read this haiku, posted today, September 11.

Waking up again

Here is the haiku, in its entirety:


Waking up again

Beauty of the morning light

The mystery of life

3. After I read haikus by AshiaAkira, I read the first post in my WordPress Reader.

This was the blog post:  What Happened on September 11 — I’m So Glad We Had This Time Together.

It’s a post by If I Only Had a Time Machine, another blog I follow here on WordPress, and it’s about the first episode of Carol Burnett’s TV show (whom I blogged about recently.)

4. Throughout all the things I did and thought this morning, I was aware of my son, whom I can now hear, moving in his room.

At a therapy group yesterday, somebody told us they had started making a list of five things they were grateful for, each day.

I realize, right now, that I am doing the same thing.

5. Thanks to all those who read this blog.

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