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Day 1482: Survival Mode

When I’m in Survival Mode, I’m concentrating on simply making it through an experience, to the exclusion of everything else.

Yesterday, I was in survival mode as I:

  •  went to the funeral of my wonderful father-in-law,
  • declared my intention to survive into my 90s, as he did,
  • hugged many people I love,
  • cried,
  • asked the rhetorical question, “Is this the worst day ever?”
  • told somebody I’d just met that my job was helping people be in the moment,
  • talked about the book Everything Happens for a Reason,
  • shocked somebody I hadn’t seen for years by telling him I recently survived open heart surgery,
  • got an INR blood test at Tufts Medical Center,
  • drove by  several properties with a view of water,
  • ate some delicious food,
  • drank tea,
  • listened to music,

  • said to my boyfriend Michael, “I survived the day! Maybe I’ll give thanks for surviving every day now, for the rest of my life,” and
  • took these pictures:






What do you do when you’re in survival mode?

Survival-mode thanks to all who helped me survive writing this post and to you — of course! — for surviving everything that’s happened to you so far.

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Day 1481: Sending Out an S.O.S.

As I was Safely Or Securely walking to work yesterday, I heard Serious Old Sting, Singing Our Song:

I’ll send  an S.O.S. to the world. I hope that someone gets my message in a bottle.

What’s the bottle?  This blog post.  What’s the message?

Save Our Ship

Save Our Standards

Secure One’s Safety

Stop Others’ Suffering

Speak Only Sense

Stamp Out Shaming

Skip Over Shams

See Others’ Sacredness

Stem Outrageous Shocking

Secure Other Styles

Self-love Over Selfishness

Study Our Surroundings

Savor Others’ Smiles

Stop Overloading Synapses

Satisfy Our Selves

Shun Oblivious Shitheads

Stay Obviously Smart

Share Original Silliness

Splendidly Overcome Scariness

Stay Overtly Sane

Swiftly Outrun  Snakes

Stop Outrageous Stealing

Save Our Surroundings

Savor Outstanding Scenery

See Other Sights:













Shine On, Stars!


Only Somebody

P.S. Satisfy Other Somebodies by Sharing Own Sentiments, leaving your message in a bottle, below.

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