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Day 3539: Aha moments

I’ve had many aha moments in my life, including:

  • life is short, so don’t waste any of it,
  • nature sustains us and we better do our best to sustain it,
  • most people are mostly good,
  • all healing is mutual, so self care is never selfish,
  • we can’t control anybody’s behavior except our own,
  • we are all so caught up in our own experience that it takes hard work to understand and communicate effectively with others,
  • people feel alone sometimes but no one is alone,
  • repressed and disowned feelings will surface eventually,
  • we all fear people who seem different from us until we open ourselves up to how connected we are,
  • we unconsciously absorb biases from our cultures and our families so we need to be aware of them and challenge them constantly,
  • it hurts to lose someone, even those I don’t know (like Queen Elizabeth),
  • it’s not so much a matter of where you are but who you are with, and
  • the best place to be is the here and now.

Aha! I just found this definition of “aha moments”:

Do you see any aha moments in my images for today?

Today is my late father’s birthday and I’m very grateful I shared so many aha moments with him before he died.

Several people on Twitter mentioned this song in response to my question about aha moments:

Thanks to all who help me blog daily about my aha moments, including YOU.

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Day 3221: Keeping track

Lately, I’ve been having trouble keeping track of

  • the important news,
  • what I need to remember,
  • obligations,
  • my own self care,
  • other creatures’ needs,
  • the differences between working from home and at the hospital,
  • changing COVID precautions,
  • what life was like before COVID,
  • stuff which seems to disappear,
  • changes in technology,
  • my phone,
  • what I want to watch on TV,
  • books I want to read,
  • new movies,
  • my feelings,
  • my thoughts,
  • responses to my blog and my tweets,
  • the past,
  • the future,
  • the precious current moment, and
  • cat toys.

Yesterday, I was keeping track of many things in my office at the hospital…

… so I asked this question on Twitter:

People responded with practical solutions for keeping track of things as well as empathy for how keeping track can seem overwhelming.

Keeping track of the time, I need to finish this blog post before I start another work day (this time from home). Here are my other images for today:

Because I am keeping track of important days, I want to share that today is the marriage anniversary of my late parents, who always kept track of me.

Keeping track of my fondest memories, here’s what my father sang to my mother on one of their anniversaries, decades ago.

I’ll be keeping track of your comments and doing my best to respond to them when I can!

Many, many thanks for keeping track of me through this daily blog.

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