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Day 2969: The answer

People are often looking for the answer. In order to know what the answer is, we probably need to know what the question is.

Is the answer in today’s Daily Bitch calendar?

Is the answer on Twitter?


Is the answer in the photos I took yesterday?


Is the answer in the video featured in this tweet?


Is the answer in other videos posted by The Dodo, like this one

… or this one?


Is the answer in the comments section, below?

Is the answer in expressing gratitude, here and now?

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Day 2698: What’s eating you?

One thousand, six hundred and four days ago (I‘M counting, okay?), I created the post Day 1094: What are you eating/What’s eating you.

Is it eating you that

  • I like to start posts by referring to my previous posts?
  • Your weight has changed during the pandemic because of what you’re eating?
  • People aren’t wearing masks?
  • Bicyclists behind you are still yelling “BEHIND YOU!” even though that might spread the coronavirus?
  • The wrong people are constantly apologizing?
  • There is such disparity in who is suffering more from the pandemic?
  • It’s difficult to know who to believe these days?
  • There’s so much uncertainty about the future?
  • Pets have such short life spans?
  • People don’t seem to know what a span of six feet is?
  • So many people support corrupt and incompetent leaders?
  • So many familiar things are disappearing?
  • The good is often hidden from view?
  • I take and share so many photos?
















Here‘s “What’s Eating You?” from the BBC production of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

What’s eating you? Please share in a comment, below.

Whatever’s eating me, a little gratitude helps me face the day ahead.


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