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Day 2735: The light

As I’ve said to several people lately, “I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just hope it’s not a train coming in the opposite direction.”

Can you see the light in my photos from yesterday?

Here‘s “I Saw the Light” by Todd Rundgren:

I look forward to seeing the light in the comments section, below.

There’s always the light of gratitude at the end of these posts (and I don’t think it’s a train coming in the other direction!).

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Day 825: Seeing the light

Yesterday, I expected to see the rain, because of the weather report. Not uncommonly around here, the weather report was wrong and, instead, I saw the light.

Yesterday, I forgot my cell phone when I went out into the light to meet my childhood-through-present-day friend Barbara for brunch, so no photos of that wonderful meeting will see the light.

During my time with Barbara yesterday, we talked about many things — from the light to the heavy — including:

  • memories from our childhood,
  • medical issues,
  • coping strategies,
  • many people we’ve loved over the years,  including our parents,
  • this blog,
  • how to do better accepting the light of other people’s praise and positive feedback, and
  • vacation getaways, including this one:


I told Barbara how, during some dark days I was having last week, that video of the Underwater Room in Africa had lightened my mood.

Talking to Barbara for hours yesterday lightened my mood even more.

We both lost track of time and expected to see parking tickets alighting on our cars, but we saw nothing on our cars but light at the end of our enlightening time together.


Later, in the light of a local shopping mall, I saw the light of these five things, with my boyfriend Michael:


I realize that in the light of this blog, that looks like six things, not five. Allow me to shed light on that:  At the restaurant last night, I turned the table number upside down (which prevented the server with our food to see the light of our location, temporarily).

I shall now enlighten you about why I was playing with that number in the light of the mall restaurant, by sharing the lightness of this joke (which I heard, many years ago, on a  Joke Show radio hour of Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion):

Boat rental employee (through megaphone): Boat #99, your time is up! Please bring your boat back to the dock.
Other boat rental employee: Ummm, we only have 70 boats to rent here.
Boat rental employee: Boat # 66! Are you in trouble?!!!!

Speaking of trouble, I’ve been feeling like my very unusual heart (which is not upside down but backwards) is in trouble lately, and various cardiologist have agreed. I feel lighter, right now, telling you about two dates coming up in May 2015:

Sunday, May 3: I see Todd Rundgren at the Wilbur Theater in Boston, for the first time in my 62 years.

Monday, May 4: I go in for surgery a block away from the Wilbur Theater at Tufts Medical Center, which I hope will allow me to see the light of many more days.

I shall now bring to light an appropriate song for today’s post:

I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing Todd Rundgren perform “I Saw the Light” on May 3.

What lights have you seen in this post?

Light and deep thanks to Barbara, to Michael,  to the Easter Bunny, to Garrison Keillor, to Todd Rundgren,  to the Underwater Room, to the Burlington Mall, and to everybody who has a light to share with the world today, including you!

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