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Day 983: What I Haven’t Got Time For

Today, I haven’t got time for:

  1. Fear,
  2. Self-doubt,
  3. Worry about the future,
  4. Guilt about occurrences in the past that were not my fault,
  5. Regret,
  6. Waking on eggshells, overestimating others’ fragility,
  7. Focusing on what’s truly out of my control,
  8. Mind-reading what other people might think,
  9. Concerns that the title of this post is not grammatically correct, and
  10. Perfectionism of any kind.

I do have time to show you some photos I had time to take yesterday.




Carly Simon had time to sing this in 1974:

What do you have time for today? Do you have time to leave a comment?

I have time to thank all creatures who helped me create this post and — of course! — you, for taking the time to visit, here and now.

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