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Day 958: Tangible

Yesterday, in a part of Edinburgh near the sea, I was lucky enough to see a tangible sign of what to call today’s post.

Here are other experiences that, to me, were tangible:


Some of those photos — including that giant sculpture of a hand– tangibly demonstrate one meaning of tangible: “touchable.”

One of my tangible motives for this post is to finish it quickly, so my son Aaron, Aaron’s aunt Deborah, and I can go on a tour today of the tangibly beautiful countryside outside of Edinburgh. We are leaving soon, at the tangibly early time of 7:30 AM, which might make me rather touchy.

At the same time, another tangible motive for today’s post is to show you other experiences that tangibly touched me yesterday, including images from our walk to and through the Lethe section of Edinburgh:

We also saw some tangibly great performances at the Festival Fringe.

Hurt and Anderson …

… tangibly stood out from all the others trying to create tangible audiences for their shows yesterday.

Here were some of the tangible high points of Hurt and Anderson’s smart and confident sketch comedy, that I was tangibly able to capture:

I could almost touch their set list from our tangibly front-row seats …

… which I just turned around — with a few touches on my phone — so you could tangibly read it:

The other tangible performance we were touched by yesterday was that of Dr. Professor Neal Portenza in “Catchy Show Title” again.

Here is tangible proof of the good Dr. Professor’s kindness:

Those were hand-written tickets touchingly arranged for us, at the last tangible minute. Last night, we were sitting within  touching distance of  his tangible inventiveness with his tangible audience:


I took the above photo when Dr. professor P asked the audience, “Can you feel it?” We could all feel it.

Then, the tangibly brilliant Dr. Professor posed for my touch-screen camera:

Later this week, we may share a tangible meal with Dr. Professor Portenza, where I may ask him this tangible question: “How does one become a Doctor AND a professor at such a young age?” and my son Aaron might ask if it’s true that an audience member really broke his ribs, in Australia, by touching him too hard with one of these tangible plungers:

I’m not sure what tangible tune would go best with this touchy-freely post, so I’ll pick some music from the  Dr. Professor’s  show:

I know that “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers will tangibly touch at least one of my readers. For you, what was most tangible about this post?

A lovely day to everybody who touched this tangible post and for you, especially, I leave this tangible message:

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