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Day 1607: Magical Places

Last night, in the magical place of group therapy, people shared thoughts and feelings about magical places.




As you can see, my magical places included Monument Valley, the ocean, The Land of Lost Treasures, and the human heart.

What are your magical places?

Here are more magical places I visited yesterday:






Music brings me to a magical place (here  in the magical place of YouTube).

Somewhere, there’s a place for your magical comments, below.

As always, I’m in a magical place of gratitude when I finish a post. Thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and to you — of course! — for making my blog a magical place by being here, now.


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Day 1190: Inspiring

Lately, several people I find inspiring have called me “inspiring.”

I find that very inspiring.

Would it be inspiring if I told you that the word “inspiring” — because of its Latin roots about breathing — reminds me to  pause and breathe deeply?

I’m inspired by people who are brave during anxiety-provoking times. When inspiring people are anxious, they often forget to breathe deeply. Inspired breathing can be very calming, inspiring us to better face our fears.

It would be inspiring to this inspiring blogger if you took an inspiring breath and expressed what you find inspiring (which may or may not include photos I was inspired to take yesterday).

Personally, I find it inspiring that somebody is running for local office who is

  • good with numbers,
  • dreams of stars, and
  • has a famous sign-carrying dog named Bridget.

Here’s an inspiring song I heard yesterday at an inspiring local production of The Boy from Oz.

Inspiring thanks to all who inspire me, including you!

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