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Day 3098: Are you even living?

Today’s title is inspired by the current page that is living on my Daily Bitch Calendar:

The church might have killed me 400 years ago, but I am definitely living, here and now, as I hope you can see in my other images for today.

Here are the lyrics I quoted while I was even living yesterday:

I believe in you and in myself as we continue to be even living in this world.

Are you even considering leaving a comment about this are-you-even-living blog post?

I know I’m even living when I experience gratitude for what I have, so thanks to all who are even visiting this post, here and now.

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Day 1573: One of those days

This is one of those days that I blog, as I’ve been doing since January 1, 2013.

Yesterday was one of those days that inspired this Facebook post:

Ever have one of those days? I’m having three of them today.

Because yesterday is past, I don’t want to dwell on one of those days. Instead, I’m looking forward to one of those days when I will

  • connect with others,
  • be myself,
  • show up,
  • be gentle,
  • tell the truth, and
  • take pictures.











Happiness IS an accomplishment, when you’re having one of those days.

This is one of those days I share different versions of the same song with you (here, here, and here):

I wonder if this will be one of those days I get lots of comments.

This is definitely one of those days I thank all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — YOU.

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