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Day 2494: Hopeful

Last night, at Boston’s beautiful Colonial Theater, Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg observed that a synonym used for “candidate” is “hopeful.” Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg then observed how appropriate that was, because a political candidate should have and inspire hope for the future.

I was very hopeful, last night, after listening to Presidential hopeful Buttigieg speak and answer questions from the audience, including a question about what his dogs were wearing for Halloween.  I am hopeful  I am correct when I report that one of Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg’s dogs is dressing up as an avocado for Halloween.

I am hopeful this clears up any doubts about my memory:

buttigieg avocado

I found that hopeful photo online, after searching for “Buttigieg Halloween avocado.” Presidential hopeful Buttigieg’s dogs — Truman and Buddy Buttigieg — have a twitter account, and hopeful comments in response to that photo included:

24 days ago
Buddy’s Halloween costume!

This is the uplifting content we need today. 🙂

24 days ago
Is Truman’s costume toast?


Here are my hopeful photos from yesterday:




















Here is “Hopeful” by Bars and Melody:

I am hopeful you will leave a comment, below, and I am hopeful you will accept my thanks to all who help me create these hopeful posts, including YOU.



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Day 796: Show & tell

It’s time for 

Show & tell!

That sign was on a shuttle bus to work yesterday in Boston, a/k/a as 

Snow & hell!

If you need me & my iPhone to show & tell you more about that, here you go:

While that snow was showing and telling on my walk back to my car after work, I heard …

… “For a Thousand Years” from Like Minds, with Gary Burton, Chick Corea, Pat Metheny,  Roy Haynes, and Dave Holland. 

I want to show & tell you the thoughts I had, then. 

It feels like this snow & hell could last for a thousand years. 

Actually, turning the clocks forward this weekend will show & tell more light.

Fear & hopelessness can make too much snow (& other personal hells) last “for a thousand years.”

Warmer temperatures next week should show & tell that snow where to go!

My Show & tell is Done & done. Anything you’d like to show & tell in a comment?

Thanks & appreciation to Gary & Chick & Pat & Roy & Dave, to musicians & others of like minds, to all who endure any kind of personal hell for any amount of time, and to you — of course! — for showing (& maybe telling) here and now. 

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