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Day 1284: Perfect

Sometimes, life seems perfect, even if only for a moment.

Is this the perfect time to ask if any of these photos seem perfect to you,  in any way?

















Are there any practically perfect videos for today’s “Perfect” post? What do my perfect readers think?

If you can’t see or hear those videos perfectly enough, try here and here.

Perfect thanks to all those who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for being here, now.

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Day 471: It’s always some/the same thing!

Regular readers of this blog will know that:

  • I like to invite people to read my previous posts (as well as other things), if I think it might help expand on the current topic,
  • I believe that our growth through life looks like an upward spiral (rather than a perfectionistic, linear progression), so that certain experiences recur (with us learning more, each time),
  • I subscribe to the belief that the healthiest time for us all is in the here and now (despite the human mind’s tendency to be everywhere but there),
  • despite my striving to be in the here and now, there are certain seasons of the year that I prefer over others,
  • I enjoy showing photos I’ve taken recently, and prefer to present them in chronological order,
  • I fancy the use of wordplay, especially in the title of posts, and
  • I like to believe there are regular readers of this blog.

In keeping with all that, I shall now present today’s blog post, documenting my journey home from the hospital.

Now, this post will be unusual, in that it will not link to previous posts.  Why?  Because in order to truly “get” all the nuances in this particular post, a reader may need to read all 470 previous friggin’ entries. And we all know THAT is NOT going to happen this morning. So we’ll just have to do the best we can, with this post.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen ….

(drum roll)

It’s always some/the same thing!

A Journey Home from the Hospital

by Ann


I promise you that this is the grossest photo in today’s post.  The treatment for my pneumonia was Intravenous antibiotics (of which I have had an ocean, over my lifetime).  Another experience I am very familiar with: things hurting and my asking the people in control for help, with varying results. Yesterday morning, I suspected there was something wrong with this IV. I was correct.  The nurse I told of my suspicions responded quickly, respectfully, and humanely.

Let’s move on to more pleasant images, shall we?


My last meal!  At the hospital, that is. Note that I got better, the more practice I had at this.


This was outside, on the way to my car (which had been patiently waiting in the parking lot since Saturday). It was so warm outside, yesterday, I didn’t need a coat.  When I had entered the hospital, for my unexpected four-day stay, the flowers were few and far between. So this caught my eye for many reasons.


Eeeek!  The engine light has come on (and at least one tire needs more air).


Yay!!!  The flowering trees have appeared!!!  Geesh!  Have I missed too much of my favorite season?  Nah.  There’s plenty left.


I’m home!






Okay.  One more snapshot, taken this morning, to end this post.


Here it is!



If you share my feelings about winter, perhaps the first photo in this photo essay was NOT the grossest.

Well, there’s no way I’m friggin’ rewriting this post, people.  It’s breakfast time!

Thanks to all my readers, regular and otherwise, for whatever portion of my journey you’ve joined before. And thanks to you — of course! — for visiting today.

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