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Day 336: You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

I’m wondering, right now, what people’s reactions might be, to the title of this post.

I don’t know, because I’m not a mind reader.

None of us are mind readers.

However, it is human to guess and anticipate what other people are thinking.

So I can tell you what I am guessing, right now, about people’s reactions to “You are exactly where you are supposed to be.”

These guesses are based on what I have experienced, in person, when people encounter that phrase.

I have seen disbelief, acceptance, fear, anger, hope, and relief.

So my guess is that you might be having one of those reactions.

But maybe not.

I don’t know what your reaction is.

I am eager to hear it, whatever it is (if you choose to put it into words).

I wanted to tell you one more thing, about that title phrase, this morning:

Many times, I have been in a large room with lots of people and that saying on the wall, inspiring movement forward.

What image(s) do I want to leave you with, today?

First, I’ll see what Google Images has,  for “You are exactly where you are supposed to be.”

Here are three:




Let’s see what I have on my iPhone.

Here’s a photo I took, yesterday, while I was in Arlington, MA with my son:


I snapped that photo, intuitively, yesterday, knowing it would fit some post, some day.

Why did I choose it? Because I like those creatures, whatever they are. And even if I think they’re silly, I also see the beauty.

And they look, to me, as if they are settled and accepting, in the moment, to be where they are.  (Even if they are secretly wishing they were somewhere else — that somebody take them home.)

They are exactly who & what & where they are supposed to be, and they are lovely (including any ridiculousness).

Thanks to, TooTallFritz, and Phoenix Tree Productions (for the images), to Himalayan Crafts in Arlington (for the window display), and to you — of course — for visiting today.


* I found this image here.

** I found this imager here.

*** I found this image here.

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