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Day 1432: Indicators of Poor Outcomes

Because I was born with a very unusual heart, there have been many times when I’ve read that I have “indicators of poor outcomes.”  These indicators have included

  • a  severely leaky valve,
  • switched ventricles,
  • atrial fibrillation,
  • heart failure, and
  • one that I read about yesterday online, which I’m blocking at the moment.

Are there any indicators of poor outcomes for this post, yet?

Just before I started writing today’s blog, a dear friend who has the same unusual heart condition as me wrote that she had recently read online about “a big indicator of poor outcomes.” That indicated to me that I should write this to her:

I’ve had lots of indicators of poor outcomes. That indicates, to me, that there are lots of poor prognosticators out there.

Last night, in a therapy group, people talked about indicators of poor outcomes, including the recent U.S. election.  They also talked about indicators of better outcomes, including humanity, mutual respect, activism, connection, charity, and kindness towards others.

Are there any indicators of poor outcomes in my photos from yesterday?



















It would be an indicator of poor outcomes if I didn’t share music with you. Here‘s what’s playing on my radio as I’m writing this post:

One portion of that march is an indicator of this outcome:  my sharing a photo that another dear friend posted on Facebook this week:


No comments from my readers would be an indicator of  poor outcomes for me and this blog.

My gratitude for all  who helped me create this post and for you — of course! — is an indicator of good outcomes, here and now.


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Day 786: High Anxiety

I’m having a little high anxiety writing this post this morning, because I don’t want to be late for the second day of my group psychotherapy conference.

I don’t know about you, but I can have very high anxiety about being late, especially for something like a therapy group, where being on time is

  • expected,
  • important, and
  • affects many other people.

Am I alone in this high anxiety about being late? What can trigger high (or other levels of) anxiety in you?

The San Francisco Hotel I need to reach on time, this morning,  also caused high anxiety for Mel Brooks in High Anxiety, as you can see in the movie trailer I found on YouTube:

Here are some photos I took yesterday, at that “High Anxiety” Hotel:

IMG_6043 IMG_6044IMG_6045

I had some High Anxiety at The High Anxiety Hotel yesterday, because:

  1. I’m afraid of heights,
  2. I revealed some vulnerable and sensitive information about myself in a therapy group of people I had just met, and
  3. I talked about my recently higher anxiety about my very unusual heart, including the likelihood of heart surgery in the near future.

My anxiety might have been high at times yesterday (especially when the changing light in the group room made it temporarily difficult for me to see the faces of the other people), but it was also bearable, because

  1. the other people in my therapy group also revealed vulnerable, sensitive, and important things about themselves,
  2. people offered helpful feedback about each others’ anxieties (and other things),
  3. I learned a lot about my anxiety, including how to trust others more fully, and
  4. I met up, during the lunch break, with a former student of mine, who works next door to the High Anxiety Hotel:


That’s Chris, who previously appeared in this blog post from last year and whose friendly, smiling presence is good for reducing anxiety.  I told Chris — as I’m telling everybody else around here — that I am sick of my High Anxiety about the high snows and low temperatures in my home town of Boston during the winters.  My proposed cure for that high anxiety?  Moving, within the next couple of years, to the home town of the High Anxiety Hotel — San Francisco.


I captured that on-high shot of San Francisco last night, after the conference, from the building next door to the High Anxiety Hotel.  I had very low anxiety when I snapped that because

  • coincidences don’t scare me, and Chris and my long-time friend Lawry coincidentally work in that same building,
  • I had dramatically lowered my high anxiety by talking about it in the therapy group,
  • beautiful and warm locations are natural anxiety reducers for me, and
  • I’m pretty good at helping people (including myself) move from high anxiety to low anxiety.

What about you?  Is your anxiety high, medium, low, or non-existent? What tends to make your low anxiety high and your high anxiety lower?

Do I have any anxiety about what music to choose for this post? Well, I’m letting go of any anxiety I might have about repeating music I’ve posted before (see here), so I’ll share this with you again:

The theme music from High Anxiety — written and sung by the incomparable, anxiety-reducing Mel Brooks — is here on YouTube.

Okay!  I’ve got to go face a day of low, medium, and/or high anxiety, along with many other people.

Thanks to the Hyatt Regency San Francisco, to all those attending the group psychotherapy conference there, to Mel Brooks, to Chris, to Lawry, and to you (of course!), whether you’re feeling high, low, or in between today.

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