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Day 1542: Exclamation points!

At one point yesterday morning, I exclaimed, “There’s the topic for my next blog post! Exclamation points!”


Exclamation points are valuable!

I now exclaim that I saw exclamation points at many points throughout the day!













I shall now exclaim all these points!

  • I love my work!
  • When things suck, it’s important to remember that you don’t suck!
  • I love Egyptian Licorice Yogi tea!
  • Fear of commitment and fear of failure are very common human fears!
  • I often write helpful phrases up on my white board!
  • I love ice cream!
  • I’ve stopped eating kale because it has so much vitamin K, it screws up my INR blood levels!
  • I don’t miss kale!
  • I love spring!
  • Spring is here!
  • Today is going to be very cold in Boston!
  • The cold doesn’t bother me when I know it’s going to end soon!
  • I’m not going to have chips and dips on National Chip and Dip day because I’ll be working late leading a therapy group!
  • Yesterday, somebody said to me, “We all say the same thing about you — Ann is a great group leader!”
  • I love compliments!
  • It helps to exclaim positive points because we tend to forget them!
  • I love the Beatles!
  • Help!

I hope you exclaim some points in a comment!

Thanks to all  who helped me create this post and to you — of course!




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Day 1221: Hopes

When my one-week spring vacation began five days ago, I had hope


that the weather would be seasonably sunny and warm.

Because the weather has been consistently rainy and cold, I translated that


into hope that I would see wonderful, hopeful people, indoors.

Yesterday, that hope came true as I saw Joanne and Caitlin in a hopeful place where I used to work and also Rachel, who worked with me decades ago at two different high tech companies.

As I was driving  in the morning, I heard the 1st movement of the “Italian” symphony, composed by Felix Mendelssohn in response to the kind of sunny weather I’d been hoping to experience this week:




you enjoy seeing Joanne, Caitlin, Rachel, and other hopeful sights I saw yesterday.














I hope you enjoyed seeing Joanne, Caitlin, Rachel, Rachel’s dog Flash, her husband Tom, and her new granddaughter Rayla. Rachel and I talked, over lunch yesterday, about doctors who have given us different levels of hope about our health. She said to me,  “At one point I just decided I’m going to be fine, no matter what I read or what they said.” (I hope I quoted Rachel accurately.)  I told Rachel yesterday that I’ve reached a similar hopeful point, too.

I hope you like two more hopeful pictures from yesterday:



I hope that new cat bed keeps Oscar off my laptop, because he posted again on Facebook yesterday:

()GGGikm8 <– Oscar just typed that. What does that mean?

I hope my Facebook friends don’t mind if I quote their responses:

Janet H. Feed me.
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 12 hrs
Linda S. Oh great G-d grandeur, kick my 8(0/0). He’s asking for humility. Sooo easy!!!Lol!
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 12 hrs
Deborah Faye #nevertrump
Unlike · Reply · 3 · 12 hrs
Peter C. Pissed off at your menu choices. “Golden Ginger Grahams isn’t kibble, mate !”
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 12 hrs
Beth B. Hi Beth!
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 12 hrs

I hope you also leave a comment, below.

Hope-filled thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for whatever hope you bring, here and now.

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Day 735: Monday matters

Today, on this first Monday of 2015, I am:

All of these actions matter to me, this Monday morning.

This morning, before I leave for the day, I am telling myself:

I matter, as much as anybody else in this world.

That mantra matters to me. It also matters to me to invite you to imagine what phrase might help you, today.







If you thought of a helpful phrase that matters to you, I invite you to say it to yourself (and to share it here, if you choose).

I’m reminded of a mindfulness exercise I use, in my groups, whenever somebody new is present (which matters a great deal). In this exercise:

  • when we breathe in, we think of something we want to take in from the universe and
  • when we breathe out, we think of something we want to let go of.

Today, I choose to breathe in hope and breathe out fear (which matters and helps).

Yesterday, it mattered to bring along Penny the Pen with me and boyfriend Michael (who matters a lot), as we went walking and then food-shopping at our local supermarket.  Would it matter to you if I showed you some photos?

IMG_4475 IMG_4478 IMG_4476 IMG_4489IMG_4484 IMG_4493IMG_4494 IMG_4496 IMG_4498 IMG_4499 IMG_4502

This song mattered to me, when I was growing up in the Northeastern USA:

(If it matters to you, you can find “Monday Monday” by The Mamas & The Papas here.)

Many thanks to Michael, to Vahan (previously appearing in this post, which  mattered to me when I wrote it), to Mamas & Papas, to children & adults everywhere, to colorful flowers and other blossoming things, and to you, who matters on Monday and every other day of the week.

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Day 261: Replies

That’s the topic for today, people!


That’s the image for today, people!

Here are some replies that are on my mind, this morning :

Reply #1.

Yesterday, at work, I saw a co-worker I really like, who had been markedly kind to me when I first started my job, two years ago. These days, I don’t get to see her very often, so I was particularly happy to run into her.

As always, she looked and sounded kind, but worry was there, too, about how well she was doing at her new job.

I replied by saying, “You know, I was just thinking, this morning:  I’ve been at my position for two full years, and I am JUST NOW starting to truly believe that I know what I’m doing.”

Reply #2.

Yesterday, at work, I saw somebody in therapy for the first time, who told me some awful things that had happened to her, when she was a child.

On my white board, I wrote this, in big letters:


She replied by taking a picture of that, with her cell phone.

Reply #3.

Yesterday, on this blog, I wrote about my (sometimes) Dread of Anger.

Eric Tonningsen replied by writing this:

… Ann, two possibilities for your consideration: 1) You are choosing to be in dread so choose otherwise and; 2) Create a simple mantra or affirmation that you can use to acknowledge, then pass on dread. It can be as simple as saying “whatever” and laughing. I learned this from a 16 year young nephew. And it works – when I’m aware and at choice. Or…ask yourself, what purpose does it serve me to be dreadful? Two cents, unsolicited. 🙂

Reply #4.

Whenever I put something out there into the world, this thought can pop into my head:

I wonder what the reply will be?

Reply # 5.


I’m smiling, right now.

Thanks to Eric, his nephew, repliers and repliees* everywhere, and to you, for reading today.


* A made-up word, which means somebody who gets a reply.

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Day 85: You’ll figure it out

Here’s another helpful phrase I’ve been using lately.

You’ll figure it out.

I say it to myself, when I’m learning something new.

You’ll figure it out.

When I’m stuck in confusion.

You’ll figure it out.

When I’m anxious about making the “right” decision.

You’ll figure it out.

When I’m overwhelmed.

You’ll figure it out.

When I’m thinking about the future.

You’ll figure it out.

This phrase helps, because it reminds me that

  • everything is a process
  •  I may predict the future, but I can’t know it
  • I am doing the best I can, with what I have, in the moment
  • I am constantly learning
  • I will make mistakes
  • I have figured things out before
  • it’s important for me to lose my investment in the outcome.

I use this with other people, gently, if I think it fits where they are.

Try it, dear reader, if you think it might help you.

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