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Day 348: Signs (continued)

As usual, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to blog about this morning.  As usual, I considered and let go of several ideas.

Some of those ideas were related to love; some of the ideas were related to loss. Some were related to connection with others; some were related to being alone.  Some of the ideas were heavy; some of them were light.

This is what I settled on, after checking my iPhone for recent photos:


After I saw this sign at work yesterday, I realized there were (at least) two different interpretations of the phrase “Help Yourself”:

  • Share in this gift (in this case, coffee).
  • Only you can change your life.

Signs are amazing, aren’t they?

Thanks to all who have visited here today, no matter where, who, or how you are*.


* And whether or not** you drink coffee.

** If you’re wondering if this was good grammar, check this out.

*** Aren’t footnotes fun?

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