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Day 2680: Goofballs and Hearts

Yesterday,  somebody called me a “goofball” during a Zoom meeting after I expressed my love for people by making the sign of a heart with my hands.  While I could have easily used my standard reply — “It takes one to know one” —  I said, instead, “Thank you for the compliment.”

I do believe that was a compliment, because being a goofball and sharing my heart are two of my biggest strengths.

Do you see any goofballs or hearts in my photos from yesterday?

















This goofball believes that our hearts could use a repeat of  the awwsome cat video I posted two bitching days ago.


Heartfelt thanks to all the goofballs and oddballs who help me create these daily posts, including you.  (And from me, that’s a compliment!)



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Day 2598: Heartland

Today, my heart is heavy because one of my favorite musicians — Lyle Mays (appearing in posts here, here, here, here, here , here, here, here, here, here, here, here, herehere, here, here, here, and here) — passed away yesterday.

Yesterday, not knowing that Lyle had passed, I took pictures of hearts.




Music is one of the universal languages of love, and here is Lyle (about the age when I first saw him play) and Pat Metheny performing one of their many compositions which will live forever in my heart: “(Cross The) Heartland.

Whatever Lyle wrote and played, it landed directly in my heart.

Here‘s “Mirror of the Heart” from Lyle’s first solo album:


Pat Metheny wrote this on his website:

‘Lyle was one of the greatest musicians I have ever known. Across more than 30 years, every moment we shared in music was special. From the first notes we played together, we had an immediate bond. His broad intelligence and musical wisdom informed every aspect of who he was in every way. I will miss him with all my heart.”

My heart goes out to all who loved Lyle and his music.

Thanks for joining my heartland, today.


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Day 2100: A Child’s View

If you’ve viewed my blog before, you might know that I often find my title and my theme from something I’ve viewed the day before.


“A Child’s View” reminds me of the concept of Beginner’s Mind, which I wrote about here, five and a half years ago.

I like using a child’s view and beginner’s mind, which help me get in touch with wonder, openness,  optimism, eagerness, and non-judgment.  Do you see any of those in my views from yesterday? (If you need a better view of anything, just click on it.)


As I view the week and the new month ahead, I try to keep a child’s view and beginner’s mind. I shall also remind the inner child in myself and in others to let go of fear and to be open to whatever happens.

“Searching” from Child’s View by Nobukazu Takemura  has a surprisingly low number of views on YouTube.

What’s your view of today’s post?

It’s time to view my thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for viewing it.



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Day 1941: Threads

Three days ago, I facilitated a retreat for the board of directors of a professional group psychotherapy association. During that retreat, I invited people to identify “threads,” defined as the important issues that

  • run through the history of the association,
  • keep coming up during retreats and other discussions about the association, and
  • connect people to the association.

As I was thinking about threads in preparation for that retreat, I noticed threads everywhere, including on this pair of gloves.


Here are some threads from the retreat:



At the end of the retreat, everybody there had taken ownership of some threads that were important to them. The threads I chose  included resolving conflict and making the organization more accessible to current and future members.  As I become President of the organization on July 1, I hope to help people develop  the threads that are important to them and weave them together into a strong and healthy tapestry.

Today, I’m thinking about the threads that run through this blog. Five of the strongest threads are love, group work,  hearts, food, and cats.

Another thread is photography.





Another strong thread in this blog is music, but I need to leave now to get to physical therapy on time.  Perhaps I’ll add that thread later.

What threads are important to you?

Gratitude is another strong thread in this blog, so …


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Day 1555: What belongs to you

Here’s a message from a teabag that belonged to me yesterday:


When I read that teabag, I thought it was telling me that a house by the water, which I had come to over the weekend,  belonged to me.

Earlier in the day, to find out whether the house really belonged to me, I came to it in my car and commuted to work from there.


All during the day, I came to many people and told them that house belonged to me and that I was going to make an offer on it.  People came to me and told me I belonged in that house and they wished me good luck in getting it.

Then, at the end of the day, I saw the house again and it came to me that the house and I did NOT belong together.

Since that house does not belong to me, what does belong to me?

  • My thoughts.
  • My feelings.
  • My wishes.
  • My hopes.
  • My dreams.
  • My mind.
  • My spirit. 
  • My heart.
  • My decisions.
  • The consequences of my actions.

More photos that belong to me will now come to you.















Now that I’ve shared those pictures, they belong to you, too.

Here’s something else that belongs to me: the smiles of my late parents.


My parents belonged near the water and so do I.  What belongs to me will come to me, eventually.

This video  about what belongs to you just came to me on YouTube:

My name, which belongs to me but is used more by others, is Ann Koplow. My gratitude, which belongs to you, is now coming to you.


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