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Day 1149: Hope and Love in Times Square

I took a train from Philadelphia to NYC, yesterday, to attend a group therapy conference at a hotel located in Times Square. Because the weather was so beautiful, I walked the entire way with my suitcase from New York’s Penn Station to Times Square.

What are your associations with Times Square in New York City?

Personally, my immediate association with Times Square is the massive New Year’s Eve celebration there, every year. Yesterday, Times Square wasn’t quite as crowded, so there was plenty of room for hope …

… and love.


As I was rolling my suitcase through Times Square, I met a lovely and helpful Public Safety Officer named Joseph. Encountering kind people, especially in a place like Times Square, always gives me hope about humankind.


At the end of our brief conversation, Joseph and I gave each other a high five — a very hopeful and lovely way to connect with another person, don’t you think?

For me, there are certain things that can get in the way of accessing the hope and love  available in any location, including:

  • insufficient self-care, like not enough sleep, nourishing food, water, or access to what sustains me  (nature, music, art, animals,  etc.),
  • negative assumptions about other people and their intentions,
  • worry about the future,
  • fear of the unfamiliar,
  • dread about repeating past difficult experiences, and
  • doubting my own strengths and abilities.

Which of the images in this blog post convey hope and love to you?







Hope and love to you — on  this 23rd day of February, 2016 — from Times Square.

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